Transitioning to Remote Learning Course Series

You've got this!

Unsure where to start with remote teaching? Have some ideas, but need more resources? Michigan Virtual has designed a series of six, 2-SCECH self-paced courses designed to provide you with examples and resources on how to reach your students via remote teaching.

Courses include topics such as building relationships, digital content, assessments, and SEL supports. You are free to move through the courses as they pertain to your needs and interests, as they are designed to allow for choice and are not dependent upon prior course knowledge.

We know that one of the best ways to support our students online is to experience it for ourselves as a learner. Join us as we provide you not only an online experience but provide examples and resources as you begin to build this remote learning experience for your students.

Course Titles

Keep Michigan Learning

A webinar series of best practices for emergency remote learning

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