/ Professional Development on Remote & Blended Teaching

Learn practical strategies for remote & blended teaching.

Unsure where to start with remote or blended teaching? Have some ideas, but need more resources? Michigan Virtual has designed a variety of free PD courses on remote & blended teaching to help you get started.

We know that one of the best ways to support our students online is to experience it for ourselves as a learner. Join us as we provide you not only an online experience but provide examples and resources as you begin to build this remote learning experience for your students.

Transitioning to remote teaching series

 A series of six 2-SCECH, self-paced courses designed to provide you with examples and resources on how to reach your students via remote teaching. You are free to move through the courses as they pertain to your needs and interests, as they are designed to allow for choice and are not dependent upon prior course knowledge.

national online standards series

We are currently developing a series of free online professional development courses on that inform educators about the National Standards for Quality Online Learning. Stay tuned for more updates on when these courses will be available!

blended teaching series

We have a variety of free and low-cost online professional development courses that give teachers the opportunity to earn SCECHs while exploring best practices for blended instruction and classroom design. 

Keep Michigan Learning

A webinar series of best practices for emergency remote learning

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