Here are a few different types of SCECH-bearing courses we offer to educators:

Self-Paced Online Courses

The majority of our online professional development courses are self-paced, meaning there is no instructor and you can set your own pace for learning. Our most popular SCECH-bearing, self-paced courses include:

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Facilitated Online Courses

Some of our online professional development courses are facilitated, meaning that you will have an instructor guiding your journey through the course. Our most popular SCECH-bearing, facilitated courses include:

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Because you deserve credit for your informal learning, too!

10 SCECHs for $30

Educators today are agents of their own learning, engaging in informal networks and independent pursuits for personal growth and development. Michigan Virtual’s MyPD is a vehicle to formally honor educators’ informal learning efforts.

Through this SCECH-bearing experience, educators will engage in a process to tell the story of their independent learning journey, tying a specific learning objective to evidence of informal learning pursuits, reflecting on learning from those pursuits, and developing an action plan based on the professional implications that have emerged.

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