Need SCECHs?

Our online professional learning courses can help you get the SCECHs you need to keep your teaching certificate up to date. Last year, we provided Michigan educators with over 100,000 SCECHs worth of affordable training opportunities!

Self-Paced Online Courses

The majority of our online professional development courses are self-paced, meaning there is no instructor and you can set your own pace for learning.

Facilitated Online Courses

Some of our online professional development courses are facilitated, meaning that you will have an instructor guiding your journey through the course.

Design Your Own PD Plan

Ever wonder what it would be like if you could design your own learning? Let us introduce you to MyPD, a flexible, customized, and repeatable online course that puts you in the driver seat of your own professional development.

SCECH Processing FAQs

Skip the paperwork — all you have to worry about is your learning. Once your course is completed, we will submit your SCECHs to the Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECs) for you.

Please allow 10 days from course completion for your SCECHs to appear in MOECs.

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) uses the Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS) to renew teaching certificates for Michigan teachers. MDE authorizes Michigan Virtual as a State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECH) sponsor to provide courses that meet MDE SCECH standards. Information about your certificate renewal can be found at MDE – Educator Services.

If you are seeking to renew your teacher certification by June 30, please be sure to have all of your Michigan Virtual professional learning courses completed by June 23 to allow us time to process your SCECHs and upload them to to MOECs.

For ed2go Courses: Each of our ed2go courses is facilitated by an instructor and takes 6 weeks to complete. If you are looking to renew your teaching certificate by the June 30 deadline, please enroll in an ed2go class that begins BEFORE May 1 to ensure you have enough time to get your SCECHs processed in time for certificate renewal.

Instructor-led courses are graded by facilitators after you submit your work before they can be uploaded to MOECS for SCECHs. Courses with no instructor (ed2go, PCG, Microsoft) can be uploaded for SCECHs more quickly. Please remember that a greater percentage of teachers are finalizing courses during the months of April, May and June in order to meet MDE’s deadline of June 30 each year.

There could be a variety of reasons. Please begin by checking the following:

  1. Have ten business days passed since course completion? If not, please be patient while SCECHs are uploaded to MOECS.
  2. In PLP, is your course listed under your completed courses? Check the Professional Learning Portal to verify the course is in your completed list. The Check Course Completion Status can guide you through how to check. If not in your completed list, please complete your course. Please remember that a facilitated course must be graded by your facilitator.
  3. Do you have an evaluation due in MOECS? For MOECS to record your SCECHs in your transcript, you must claim them first. If you experience issues with the evaluation, please contact the MOECS help desk at 517-373-3310 or via email.

Please contact the Customer Care Center if you need assistance in PLP after checking on your course completion.

Please contact MOECS if you have questions about your MOECS account.

SCECH Policies

In order to receive SCECHs for courses completed through Michigan Virtual’s Professional Learning Portal, learners must abide by all policies stated below:

  • Users must supply their PIC (Personal Identification Code) in their PLP account. PICs can be located from the Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS)
  • Users’ first and last name must be the same in their PLP account and MOECS account
  • 100 percent attendance (required by MDE for SCECH courses)
  • Users must complete, at a minimum, the estimated hours for the course. One SCECH is equivalent to one hour of coursework. For example, 24 SCECHs = 24-hour minimum and 36 SCECHs = 36-hour minimum
  • Users must complete their own work. Michigan Virtual has a zero-tolerance policy toward plagiarism
  • SCECH credits are uploaded to MOECS weekly. Please allow up to 10 business days from the end date of your course to receive the email notification that your SCECH credits have been uploaded to MOECS and an evaluation is available for you to take in MOECS. (Evaluation notices are system-generated from [email protected])
  • Users must complete the MDE online evaluation in MOECS within 30 days of email notification. After completing the required online evaluation in MOECS, the SCECHs are awarded to your MOECS account.

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