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Michigan Virtual’s online course pricing is organized in three tiers for each enrollment: base, consortium and out-of-state.

Michigan Virtual Plus

Base $325
Consortium $310
Out-of-State $435

Michigan Virtual AP

Base $399
Consortium $399
Out-of-State $460

Middle School

Base $325
Consortium $310
Out-of-State $435

Course Material

Michigan Virtual course fees/enrollments may not include books or materials (e-Textbooks are available in most courses). Michigan Virtual AP courses may require that schools purchase books directly from the publisher.


Michigan Virtual offers regional consortium pricing. The agreement comes with many benefits to both partners. For more information on consortium partnerships, please contact our customer care center.
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Career Online High School is an online high school program that enables out-of-school youth and adult learners to earn an accredited high school diploma. The full cost of this program ($1,295) may be covered for eligible applicants.
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