/ Michigan Virtual Student Policies

Advanced Placement (AP) Course Policy

Pacing and Due Dates

  • All sections of a course have the same pacing schedule and due dates.
  • There ARE required due dates in Advanced Placement courses in order to ensure that coursework is completed prior to the nationally scheduled AP test dates.
  • Due dates are aligned to the Eastern Time Zone.

Late Assignments

  • Student receives a 20% reduction on the earned score for a late assignment, including tests and quizzes, turned in within one week of the due date.
    Example: Late assignment worth 100 points, student earns 75 points on this assignment.  Instructor will deduct 20% from 75 (15 points) for a recorded score of 60.
  • Student receives a 40% reduction on the earned score for a late assignment, including tests and quizzes, turned in more than a week late but prior to the last week of their term.
    Example: Late assignment worth 100 points.  Student earns 75 points on this assignment. Instructor will deduct 40% from 75 (30 points) for a recorded score of 45 points. 
  • In extenuating circumstances and in advance when possible, a student must work directly with instructor and mentor to develop and request reasonable alternative due dates on particular assignments/tests in writing, in order to avoid a score reduction in assignment or exam grades.
    • Extenuating circumstances include items beyond a student’s control including an unpredictable, serious medical issue; the death of an immediate family member; a significant change in living arrangements like the loss or removal from home, or similar circumstance.

Resubmission of Assignments

  • Students may resubmit assignments (turned in in good faith*) to demonstrate mastery within 7 calendar days of the date it was graded (this does not include assignments submitted late).
    • Mastery is defined as earning 80% or better.
  • Tests and quizzes are not part of the resubmission policy. 
  • Resubmissions of assignments are not available in the last week of the term without documented teacher approval (does not apply to verifiable technical issues).

Tests and Final Exams

  • All midterms and finals are expected to be proctored locally – “proctored” means that a local mentor is supervising the test as a student is taking it. 
  • Students are not allowed to resubmit a test, midterm, or final exam.

End Dates

  • Allow students to take the final exam after the AP Exam when encouraged or necessary by the student’s school district.
  • A student cannot complete missed work to improve a score after the final exam/project is completed

*Good faith submission demonstrates a student’s best effort and does not include blank and/or empty assignment submissions (may not be used as a time/space holder), assignment formats the instructor cannot open, or documents the instructor does not have permission to view, including Google docs or other cloud based documents.