Online Learning Program Self-Assessment Tool

Our Online Learning Program Self-Assessment tool is designed to assist schools and educators in evaluating and improving their online learning offerings. It is based on the National Standards for Quality Online Learning (NSQOL) and provides a comprehensive rubric for schools to gather evidence, collaborate with team members, and assess themselves for areas of improvement. By following the guidelines set by the NSQOL, our self-assessment tool empowers schools to enhance their online learning programs effectively. Join schools and educators across the nation in using our user-friendly tool to elevate online education quality.

Please note: this tool is provided as-is and should not be modified from its original source other than for the purpose of completing the self-assessment.

Download the Free Online Learning Program Self-Assessment Tool

We’ve put together a thorough yet easy-to-follow self-assessment tool and guides, covering all the key areas you need to know about to ensure your online teaching is top-notch. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started, these resources are designed to help you identify both your strengths and opportunities for growth, ensuring your online classes are as engaging and effective as possible.

Self-Assessment Companion Guide

Designed to help you consider stakeholder perspectives and examples of evidence that support a standard.

Guiding Questions for Online Program Evaluation

Get a clearer view of your online program’s strengths and areas for improvement. Simple and straightforward, they’re a great companion to our Self-Assessment Tool.

Need a Hand with Your Results?

Interpreting your assessment and wondering what’s next? If you’re looking for guidance on how to integrate your results and take actionable steps toward enhancing your online program, we’re here to help. Reach out for personalized support and expert advice on making the most of your self-assessment insights. Let’s work together to turn those findings into real improvements for your online teaching.