A Bridge to Shared Opportunities

Using shared-time services Michigan Virtual, Brighton Area Schools and South Redford School District are providing Michigan Virtual online learning courses to private school students.

Benefits to learning online:

● Flexibility in scheduling
● More choice
● Development of real-world skills
● Creates excitement about learning
● Personalized curriculum
● Opportunities to Recover credits
● Amplify 21st century learning

Areas of study for non-core courses:

● Art
● Computers/Technology
● World Languages
● Music (vocal/instrumental)
● Physical Education

What you need to get started

Brighton Area Schools

Jamie Dingus, Director

The Brighton Area Schools shared-time program serves all Michigan ISDs except for Wayne, Monroe, Macomb and Lenawee.

South Redford School DistrictJack Pelon, Director

The South Redford School District shared-time program serves Wayne, Monroe, Macomb and Lenawee ISDs.

When can I get started?

Michigan Virtual 2017-18 Schedule

Semester 1 classes begin: September 5, 2017
Semester 2 classes begin: January 22, 2018
Trimester 1 classes begin: September 5, 2017
Trimester 2 classes begin: December 4, 2017
Trimester 3 classes begin: March 2, 2018
Summer classes begin: June 4, 2018