How will you keep your students learning this summer?

On average, it is predicted that students lose about one month’s worth of learning over the summer. With online learning, you can provide your student with flexible opportunities to:

  • Keep their minds active & prevent summer brain drain
  • Earn or recover credits required for graduation
  • Free up space in next year’s schedule
  • Take prerequisites for AP courses
  • Explore a career interest
  • Study a world language
  • Practice their math and English skills
  • And more!

The best part? — They can accomplish all this without missing out on the family trip or spending time with friends during the summer!

Explore Our Summer Offerings

Over 150 summer courses!

During the summer, we offer online courses on over 150 different subjects. Students have 10 weeks to complete summer coursework at their own pace and will be supported along the way by a highly qualified, Michigan-certified online instructor who is an expert in their subject area.

Our summer courses have a rolling start date, which means students can start as early as June 3 or as late as June 28. Regardless of their start date, they will have until August 9 to complete their coursework.

With over 23 credit recovery courses, 6 world languages, and a wide array of career-oriented electives from computer programming to veterinary science, our course catalog has many options to suit any student’s needs.

Summer Course Catalog


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Other summer learning programs

In addition to our online courses, this summer we’re offering several other summer learning programs for students, including:

Each of these non-credit-bearing programs is under $100 and offers students engaging, online lessons and materials to keep their minds active over summer break.

Key Summer Dates

Online Summer Courses

Classes begin* June 3, 2019
Last day to enroll/drop courses with refund June 28, 2019
Classes end August 9, 2019

*Summer courses have a rolling start date, which means students can start as early as June 3 or as late as June 28. Regardless of their start date, they will have until August 9 to complete their coursework.


Other Summer Programs*

Minecraft Online Summer Camp Link to calendar
Innovation Online Summer Camp Link to calendar
Social & Emotional 360 Access ends September 2, 2019
EdReady Math & English Access ends September 1, 2019

*Important Note on Refunds — Unfortunately, we cannot provide refunds on our non-credit-bearing online summer offerings once the program has been started.

For School Administrators

If you’re a school administrator looking to provide your students with more summer learning options, we can help. Learn more about how we can make your life easier and help you set up a cost-effective summer learning program at your school.

Schoolwide Summer Learning

Credit Recovery

For students who need to recover credits for graduation, our Essentials courses are an excellent summer learning option. These courses are designed to create a highly supportive learning environment for students who need extra help in order to succeed Students can recover credits in over 23 different subjects including algebra, geometry, chemistry, biology, English language arts, history, economics, and more!
Essentials Courses

Credit Acceleration

Your students can strive toward graduation requirements — and free up space in next year's schedule — while still enjoying their summer. For self-motivated learners, taking online summer school courses can be liberating because it allows them to make progress toward their goals while studying at their own pace in time blocks that fit their busy schedules.
Summer Course Catalog

Math & English Support

Studies show that students lose up to 2 months of math and reading skills over the summer. One way you can mitigate the dreaded “summer slide” is through our affordable EdReady Math and EdReady English programs — which help students in grades 4-12 target knowledge gaps and master skills they find challenging in mathematics and English.
Explore EdReady
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Social & Emotional 360

Grades 3-12

A digital library of lessons for students and parents on social & emotional wellness.

Does your student need resources to help them manage their emotions and mental health? To understand the consequences of alcohol, drug use, and vaping? To learn more about respect and bullying? To better manage their time, stress, or nutrition?

This summer, you can support your child’s growth and maturation with Social & Emotional 360. With over 600 interactive lessons, this program helps students in grades 3-12 develop key social and emotional skills. Each student lesson is accompanied by a parent lesson to help you have smart conversations with your child on difficult topics.

About Social & Emotional 360

Minecraft: Education Edition

Minecraft Online Summer Camp

Grades 3-8

All they want to do is play video games. All you want them to do is learn. . . But what if you could both get what you want?

This summer, get your student learning with Minecraft. It’s a win-win scenario for parents with children who are hooked to their video game consoles.

In addition to gaining access to Minecraft: Education Edition for the summer, students will be enrolled in 4-week online learning experience that provides them with weekly challenges to investigate a Minecraft shipwreck, learn the basics of coding, and more!

About Minecraft Online Summer Camp

picutre of a lightbulb and a computer

Innovation Online Summer Camp

Designed with The Henry Ford for students in grades 6-9 

Do you have a curious student who’s always looking at the world and asking “What if. . .?” Are you looking for productive ways to harness that curiosity and hone their entrepreneurial spirit?

This summer, help them learn the habits of famous innovators and begin their personal journey toward innovation and invention with our Innovation Online Summer Camp!

About Innovation Online Summer Camp

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