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A Summer of Learning & Healing

We have an unusual summer ahead of us. Typically, during the summer, it’s important for kids to have less structure than usual, so they can relax and play. This year, your children’s needs may be a little different. If you’re looking for ways to keep your children learning this summer with safe and structured educational opportunities, consider enrolling them in our online summer school programs.

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Online summer school programs

Over 150 Online Summer Classes

Grades 6-12
10 weeks | Opportunities to earn credit | Flexible pacing | Taught by highly qualified, Michigan-certified teachers

Online Summer Camp: Minecraft Edition

Grades 3-8
4-weeks worth of educational challenges in Minecraft: Education Edition designed to engage students’ literacy, math, and coding skills.
Available Now!

Summer French & German Boost

Grades 8-12
Keep their French or German skills sharp with these online summer programs powered by Lingco Language Lab's artificial intelligence-driven software.​
Available now!

Credit Recovery

Grades 6-12
Catch up on graduation requirements this summer with highly supportive online courses designed to foster student success.

Mental Health & Social Emotional Lessons

Grades K-12
Free digital lessons designed to help students in grades K-12 develop the skills required for social, emotional, and mental well-being.

EdReady Math

Grades 4-12
Targets gaps in math knowledge with personalized lesson playlists & empowers students to catch up to or surpass grade-level expectations at their own pace.

EdReady English

Grades 8-12
Gets them on track for college-level English through mastery of key skills & concepts.

Why is summer learning so important?

Having been out of their brick-and-mortar schools for months and with uncertainty regarding existing summer plans, parents are looking for new ways to keep their children engaged and learning in a structured and productive way over the summer break.

While the “summer slide” always brings risks of learning loss, this summer we believe it will be even more important for students to have structured learning time to help them keep their minds active, bridge knowledge gaps, and prepare for the next school year.

If you’re looking for ways to keep your children learning this summer with safe and structured educational opportunities, consider enrolling them in our online summer school programs.

Key Summer Dates

Summer CalendarClass / Access BeginsClass / Enrollment / Access Ends
Online Summer Courses
(Including Credit Recovery)
June 8, 2020

Enrollment Ends/Last Day for Refund: June 26, 2020

Classes End: August 14, 2020

Online Summer Camp: Minecraft Edition June 8, 2020*

Enrollment Ends: July 31, 2020

Access Ends:
December 31, 2020

Summer French & German BoostJune 8, 2020*

Enrollment Ends: July 31, 2020

Access Ends: September 7, 2020

Michigan Cares
(Mental Health & SEL Lessons)
Upon RegistrationAccess Ends: June 2021
EdReady Math & EnglishUpon RegistrationAccess Ends: July 31, 2020

*These programs will be available for purchase on June 8, 2020. You may continue to enroll any time after this date, but be aware that your access will end on September 7, 2020.

EdReady is part of the non-profit NROC Project.

Over 150 summer courses!

By taking summer courses, students can earn high school credit, take prerequisites, make room in next year’s schedule, and recover credits for courses that they previously failed.

In our summer online classes, students have 10 weeks to complete coursework at their own pace and will be supported along the way by a highly qualified, Michigan-certified online instructor who is an expert in their subject area.

These courses have a rolling start date, which means students can start as early as June 3 or as late as June 28. Regardless of their start date, they will have until August 14 to complete their coursework.

IMPORTANT: Check with your school counselor before enrolling!

Students should talk to their school counselor before enrolling to ensure our 10-week summer courses will be accepted for credit at their school.


Summer Pricing
Online Summer Courses$325 per course  ($435 for out-of-state)
Credit Recovery Courses$215 per course  ($255 for out-of-state)
Online Summer Camp: Minecraft Edition$49.95
Summer French & German Boost$49.95
Michigan Cares
(Mental Health & SEL Lessons)
EdReady Math & EnglishFREE

How to enroll

There are different registration processes for our full-length summer courses and our other summer programs. See more information below on how to get started!

10-week courses

To enroll in one of our 10-week online summer courses, including credit recovery courses you will need to log into or create an account in our Student Learning Portal. For more information on how to enroll, check out our Guardian Quick Start Guide & Student Quick Start Guide.

Other summer programs

When our other summer programs — including Online Summer Camp: Minecraft Edition, and Summer French & German Boost — are available for registration, you will be able to purchase them directly from our website. Upon purchase, you will receive an email with directions on how to log in and begin accessing these programs.

Sign up for notifications to receive more information when these programs are available for registration!

Have any questions about the enrollment process? Contact our Customer Care Team!

Tips for success

Created by researchers at the Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute, our family of free guides will introduce you to the world of online learning. Inside each guide, you’ll find key definitions, research findings and practical strategies that paint a picture of what kind of preparations and support systems are necessary to ensure students succeed in their online courses.

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