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Summer break shouldn't be a vacation from learning...

Studies show that students lose an average of one month of learning over summer break. That’s why it’s so important to encourage learning and keep their minds active during these months.

But it can be challenging for parents to find affordable programs that don’t interfere with summer jobs or family trips. Online summer learning offers families flexible alternatives that fit seamlessly into busy schedules.

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Summer school programs

With online learning, you can keep your child’s mind active over summer break and help them move toward their goals without missing out on the family trip, maintaining their job, or spending time with friends.

This summer, we’re offering 7 different options that may benefit your child:

Over 150 Online Summer Classes

Grades 6-12
10 weeks | Flexible pacing | Taught by highly qualified, Michigan-certified teachers

Online Summer Camp: Minecraft Edition

Grades 3-8
4-weeks worth of educational challenges in Minecraft: Education Edition designed to engage students’ literacy, math, and coding skills.
Coming Soon!

Summer French & German Boost

Grades 8-12
Keep their French or German skills sharp with these online summer programs powered by Lingco Language Lab's artificial intelligence-driven software.​
Coming Soon!

Credit Recovery

Grades 6-12
Catch up on graduation requirements with online summer courses

Social & Emotional 360

Grades 3-12
A digital library of expert resources for parents and students on hard-to-talk-about topics including bullying, mental health, substance abuse, vaping, and more.
Coming Soon!

The Dangers of the Summer Slide

Learn about the research behind the dreaded “summer slide” — who’s at risk and why — as well as tips & tricks for mitigating summer learning loss.

Over 150 summer courses!

By taking an online course over the summer, students can earn credit, catch up on graduation credits, and make room in next year’s schedule.

In our summer online classes, students have 10 weeks to complete summer coursework at their own pace and will be supported along the way by a highly qualified, Michigan-certified online instructor who is an expert in their subject area.

These courses have a rolling start date, which means students can start as early as June 3 or as late as June 28. Regardless of their start date, they will have until August 9 to complete their coursework.

  • Credit Recovery
    Catch up on graduation requirements with online summer courses
  • Core Requirements
    Get ahead of the curve and make room in next year’s schedule
  • Electives
    Explore career interests or personal passions with subjects from astronomy to veterinary science.
  • World Languages
    Choose from 6 languages to study over the summer, including American Sign Language, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Latin. 
  • NCAA-Approved Courses
    Student-athletes can get ahead on college requirements over the summer, so they have more flexibility for balancing sports and school in the upcoming year

Key Summer Dates

Summer Calendar
Online Summer Courses (Including Credit Recovery)Classes Begin:
June 8, 2020
Enrollment Ends/Last Day for Refund:
June 26, 2020Classes End:
August 14, 2020
Online Summer Camp: Minecraft Edition Access Begins:
June 8, 2020*
Access Ends:
September 7, 2020
Summer French & German BoostAccess Begins:
June 8, 2020*
Access Ends:
September 7, 2020

*These programs will be available for purchase on June 8, 2020. You may continue to enroll any time after this date, but be aware that your access will end on September 7, 2020.


Summer Pricing
Online Summer Courses$325 per course  ($435 for out-of-state)
Credit Recovery Courses$215 per course  ($255 for out-of-state)
Online Summer Camp: Minecraft Edition$49.95
Summer French & German Boost$49.95

How to Enroll

Online Summer Courses

To enroll in one of our 10-week online summer courses, including credit recovery courses you will need to log into or create an account in our Student Learning Portal. For more information on how to enroll, check out our Guardian Quick Start Guide & Student Quick Start Guide.

Other Summer Programs

For our other summer programs — including Online Summer Camp: Minecraft Edition, and Summer French & German Boost — you do NOT need to create an account in our Student Learning Portal. 

When these programs are available for registration, you will be able to purchase them directly from our website on the program’s information page (linked above). Upon purchase, you will receive an email with directions on how to log in and begin accessing these programs.

Sign up for notifications to receive more information when these programs are available for registration!

Have any questions about the enrollment process? Contact our Customer Care Team!

Tips for Success

Cover to the student guide to online learning

Student Guide to Online Learning

Because taking virtual courses is quite different from taking courses in face-to-face classrooms, it’s important for students to understand what habits they should have or ought to develop and what support systems they will need to succeed. Research shows that students who are well-prepared and well-supported for this new experience perform better in their courses.

Backed by research, our free student guide overviews answers to questions like: 

  • What is it like to take an online course?
  • What do students enjoy most about taking online courses?
  • What challenges might you face in your online course?
  • How do you know if online learning is right for you?
  • What are the characteristics of successful online learners?
  • What should I do to prepare myself for online learning?
Cover to the parent guide to online learning

Parent Guide to Online Learning

Parents often struggle to help their children transition into online courses. They want to know: Is this the best option for my child? What can I do to help him or her succeed? Designed for parents and guardians who are new to the world of virtual learning, this guide will help you map out the factors you ought to consider before enrolling your child in an online course.

Backed by research, our free parent guide overviews answers to questions like:

  • What is online learning?
  • What do students like about taking online courses?
  • What challenges do students face in their online courses?
  • How do you know if online learning is right for your child?
  • What are the characteristics of successful online learners?
  • How can you help your child prepare for online learning?
  • What kinds of questions should you ask of your school or online learning provider?

Additional Resources

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