About Michigan Virtual

Advancing K-12 education through digital learning, research, innovation, policy and partnerships.

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Our Story

Michigan Virtual™ has been working hard to provide a path to the future for students and educators since 1998.

As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation focused on education, we believe that brilliance resides in all of us, ready to change the world with next big idea.

Our Partners

Without the hard work, dedication and generosity of our partners, the future wouldn’t be so bright for our learners. These groups turn our students’ potential into reality.

Our Reach


Diversity matters to us

Michigan Virtual is an equal-opportunity employer committed to creating a diverse workforce. We embrace different voices, faces, ideas, and backgrounds and believe human diversity, the seen and unseen, drives innovation and creativity. We are building a culture grounded in a climate where everyone feels included, respected, and valued and is comfortable being their whole authentic self.

Career Opportunities

We strive to make every employee feel valued.

Michigan Virtual is a trusted partner in education supporting and engaging Michigan’s K-12 community. If you’re ready to make an impact, you’ve found the right team.

Lead. Collaborate. Build.

The strategic plan serves as a general roadmap for Michigan Virtual’s Board of Directors and employees; it establishes a framework that reaffirms our vision, mission, values, goals, and areas of strategic focus.

Michigan Virtual Annual Report: 2020-21

Annual Report

The Annual Report includes highlights from our previous fiscal year.

You will learn about some of the exciting, new opportunities we created for students and education personnel, as well as about the key findings from our Institute’s cutting-edge research.

Our Partnerships and Services work together to prepare Students for career and college.