Michigan Virtual Middle School Plus courses

Middle School Michigan Virtual Plus courses are in the semester format. There are limited middle school courses available in the summer, including Math Tracks, Science Tracks and Algebra 1 — Testing Out. However, students who wish to earn advanced high school credit can do so with the approval of their high school. Interested students should check with their high school counselor.

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No matter your mathematical skill level, we’ve got a course for you.


Read, write, succeed

With a multitude of topics to choose from, our team of qualified instructors will help you develop the skills you need for high school and beyond.

English Language

Under the microscope

Michigan Virtual’s diverse catalog offers online courses that put modern technology and scientific trends into perspective. The basis of success is our virtual labs, where students take an interactive approach toward learning.


Explore your world

The world can be so much more than what you see on a map, explore geography, history, and leadership with Michigan Virtual.

Social Studies

Bilingual and brilliant

Our World Language courses offer students the tools to become bilingual and explore the culture and history of the nations in which each language was derived.

World Languages

Elect to learn more

Explore more with elective courses. Find your passions and follow them to your dreams.


Michigan Virtual‘s online learning courses feature streaming audio and video, computer animations, messaging tools, discussion boards, digital portfolios and more.

Michigan Virtual courses are self-paced and offer great flexibility, and are taught by Michigan-certified teachers who guide students through each course.

Michigan Virtual added exciting new courses to our library of options in the Fall of 2017.

New courses are available in:

  • Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports (PBIS)
  • Digital Literacy & Programming
  • Literacy Skills & Literature
  • Honors Literacy Skills & Literature
  • Success Skills for the Real World

Schools bulk enrolling one or more classes of students in these engaging new courses will be granted dedicated sections solely for their students with the ability to customize the courses to provide flexible options to personalize students’ educational programming.

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