The problem with most online credit recovery programs

When a student fails a course, or maybe several courses, online learning becomes an alluring option, a second chance to recover the credits required for graduation.

The only problem? It should come as no surprise that moving a student’s learning into an online format does not guarantee a different outcome. If you provide a highly-supportive learning environment, however, their odds of success increase.

That’s why we’ve tailored our Essentials courses — a high-quality, online, credit recovery and alternative learning solution — to meet the needs of students who need extra support in order to succeed in their online courses.

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Our Essentials Courses

Our Essentials courses are designed to create a highly supportive learning environment for students who need extra help in order to succeed. Here’s what you can expect from these courses:

  • Taught by highly-qualified, Michigan-certified online teachers, who are endorsed in the subject area and grade-level related to your student’s credit recovery needs
  • Include comprehensive student orientation modules, free of charge. These modules help students transition smoothly into the realm of online learning
  • Offer mentors free training in evidence-based best practices, so students can receive the support they need in order to succeed
  • Provide students access to EdReady Math, a nationally-recognized program designed to help students master a range of mathematical concepts (for mathematics courses only)

Students can use this program to recover credits in over 23 different subjects including algebra, geometry, chemistry, biology, English language arts, history, economics, and more!

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Courses offered

We offer online Credit Recovery Courses in:

  • Algebra 1A
  • Algebra 1B
  • Algebra 2A
  • Algebra 2B
  • Biology A
  • Biology B
  • Chemistry A
  • Chemistry B
  • Economics
  • ELA 10A / World Literature A
  • ELA 10B / World Literature B
  • ELA 11A / American Literature A
  • ELA 11B / American Literature B
  • ELA 12A / British Literature A
  • ELA 12B / British Literature B
  • ELA 9A
  • ELA 9B
  • Geometry A
  • Geometry B
  • Modern World History & Geography A
  • Modern World History & Geography B
  • U.S. History (1877- Present) A
  • U.S. History (1877-Present) B
Mentor training in evidence-based best practices, access to EdReady Math and comprehensive student orientation modules are available at no additional cost.


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