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An apple behind prison bars

This blog is the second in our series on Restorative Justice in Michigan Schools. In this article, we explore four ways that Michigan students are negatively impacted by zero-tolerance policies. Infographics included!

Restorative Justice in Michigan Schools

This blog is the first in our upcoming series on Restorative Justice in Michigan Schools. The other articles in this series features information on the dangers of zero-tolerance policies, restorative justice 101, and strategies for implementation in schools and classrooms.

How Effective is Online Learning in Michigan

By Author Profile Photo Nikki Fisher

Let’s be honest: Online learning in Michigan, as a whole, is in deep need of reform. Since 2010, the average pass rate for online courses in Michigan has hovered around 60 percent. Compared to the pass rate for traditional classrooms, this statistic has led some to condemn virtual schooling as a failed experiment.

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