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Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute

District Plans for Shifting to Remote Instruction in Spring 2020

Should we go fully digital, use paper copies, or use a hybrid model? How will we assess the technology needs of our students? Should we arrange for meal pick up, delivery, or some combination? How will we manage and monitor student learning? How will we continue to meet the social-emotional needs of our students? These are just some of the questions that school leaders faced as they developed their plans for continued learning after school doors were shuttered for the year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Online Teaching
Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute

Connecting Teachers: A Community of Practice

True collegial groups among teachers, in any context, still remain the exception and not the norm in many schools — especially for online teachers.

Online Teaching
Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute

Why Online Teachers NEED Ongoing Professional Development

In our last post on instructional leadership, we touched on the issue of professional development (PD) and the necessity of providing online teachers with ongoing training, support, and PD. This post will expand on the critical importance of PD for new online teachers and ongoing PD for all online teachers.

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Online Teaching
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What makes for quality online teaching? — Revised national standards

What makes for quality online teaching? In this blog post, we overview the latest revision to the National Standards for Quality Online Teaching, which offer a consensus from national online learning experts on what constitutes effective online teaching.

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