Leadership Coaching for Innovation

Our Leadership Coaching for Innovation is designed to empower educational leaders like yourself to navigate the complexities of educational leadership and drive change. Our coaching emphasizes knowing, doing, and being transformational leaders. Our tailored coaching is specifically designed for PK-12 school leaders, ISD/RESA leaders, and leaders of other educational and non-profit organizations.

Join us in cultivating an authentic organizational culture that thrives on innovation and continuous improvement!

Leadership Coaching for Innovation Overview

Leadership Coaching for Innovation empowers leaders with confidence and competence to positively impact the educational community. We provide districts and leaders with guidance and thought partnership around innovation and long-term sustainability of innovative practices through:

Innovation Mindset

Coaching for an innovation mindset encouraging the leader to challenge assumptions, think creatively, and explore new approaches to teaching and learning.

New Innovative Skills

Coaching for new skills related to innovative practices, such as integrating technology into the curriculum, implementing project-based learning, or designing personalized and/or competency-based learning experiences.

Reflective Coaching Conversations

Reflective coaching conversations are where leaders critically examine their experiences with innovation, identify strengths and areas for growth, and brainstorm strategies for improvement.

Feedback and Support

Feedback and support as leaders experiment with innovative practices in districts. This feedback will be specific, actionable, and focused on helping educators refine their approaches and overcome challenges.

Collaborative Inquiry

Coaching for collaborative inquiry to encourage educators to work together to explore questions, analyze data, and co-design solutions to instructional challenges.

Change Management

Leadership coaching for change management to help leaders navigate resistance to change, build coalitions of support, develop a positive culture, and effectively communicate the vision for innovations throughout the school community.

Action-Oriented Coaching Plans

Action-oriented coaching plans to drive implementation efforts. This will include goal setting, establishing timelines, and monitoring progress.

Celebrating Successes

Celebrating success and learning from failures to foster a culture of continuous improvement and resilience and to learn from failures and setbacks.

Key Roles - What Do We Do?

As leadership coaches, our role involves guiding, supporting, and empowering leaders to excel in their leadership positions and make positive, innovative contributions to the educational community. Every engagement is specifically designed and customized to the school leader, the school’s needs, and the diverse context of the school, community, and field of education today. The key roles and responsibilities of the coach are:

Whether you prefer a brief “Coaching Sprint” with four one-hour sessions or year-long, intensive coaching, our approach is fully customized to meet your unique needs and support your growth. We tailor our coaching to your specific context and goals, ensuring it’s all about your journey and development.

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