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Today’s learners have grown up in the digital age and learn differently as a result. Michigan Virtual™ exists to meet the needs of today’s students and educators and provide them opportunities to learn and teach effectively for today’s ever changing world.

As a private nonprofit organization, Michigan Virtual is committed to advocating for change to advance k-12 education through digital learning, research, innovation and trusted, valued partnerships.

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Experience more with Michigan Virtual, and learn your own way through innovative and engaging courses that cover everything you can imagine. All you have to do is get started.

  • Courses are designed using current research on effective online teaching and learning strategies
  • Courses are reviewed and certified by Quality Matters
  • Courses focus on features that enhance means of teacher feedback and personalization
  • Michigan Virtual utilizes a variety of student activities to maximize opportunities to engage with content and express their learning
  • Instructors provide frequent updates and announcements for their students throughout the term
  • Courses are taught by highly-qualified, Michigan-certified teachers
  • Michigan-certified teachers are available to provide guidance and support within each course
  • All courses are aligned to state and/or national standards

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Michigan Virtual leads the way in providing challenging, engaging courses that propel education professionals’ success further than ever before.

Michigan Virtual’s blended learning courses prepare educators for what’s next in education and inspire innovation for the future, while the Microsoft training courses demonstrate the effective and engaging ways to introduce Microsoft technology into the classroom.

One of our goals is to never stop inventing, which is why Michigan Virtual was at the core of creating Phenomenal Science, a science curriculum for grades K-5, aligned with Michigan Science Standards, that centers instruction on developing students’ understanding of real phenomena that actually happen.

We won’t stop there and you shouldn’t either — Michigan Virtual’s PLP provides educators access to exciting course options that will lead to success, growth and innovation. Michigan Virtual’s custom designed courses, along with hundreds of other quality course options, can be found in the Professional Learning Portal for flexible access to PD.

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