What's your dream schedule?

So, your student wants to take philosophy? We’ve got a course for that! Archaeology? We’ve got a course for that, too! What about AP Physics or AP Computer Science? Chinese, Japanese, Latin, or Sign Language? Veterinary science? Guitar?

With over 200 online courses for high school and middle school students, including 24 AP courses7 world languages25 credit recovery courses, and a wide variety of fun electives, our course catalog certain to have the classes your students need to turn their dream schedules into reality!

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Online Middle School Courses

Explore our collection of 40 online courses specifically designed for middle school students. Additionally, for middle school students who are eager for a challenge and want to get ahead, our high school courses provide an excellent opportunity for credit advancement.
Middle School Courses

Online High School Courses

High school students will find exactly what they need in our catalog of online courses for students. With over 200 online high school courses including 24 AP courses, 7 world languages, electives and more, students and parents can create a custom plan to meet their needs.
High School Courses

Credit Recovery & Alternative Learning

For students in alternative learning programs or who need to recover credits required for graduation, our Essentials program is designed to create a highly supportive learning environment for students who need extra help in order to succeed.
Essentials Courses

Learn a world language.

Calling all linguaphiles! Did you know that you can study a new language by taking online courses? Most schools have limited capacity to offer courses on each of the myriad languages their students want to learn. But we offer a total of 7 world languages that you can study, including:

  • American Sign Language
  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Latin
  • Spanish
World Language Courses

Earn college credit with AP courses.

Our online Advanced Placement courses are taught by highly-qualified, Michigan-certified teachers. These courses provide a flexible pathway for students to gain college credit in a manner that fits their schedules and their learning preferences. We offer over 24 AP courses in a variety of subjects and languages!

AP Courses

Explore your career interests.

Do you have an interest in veterinary science? Computer programming? Astronomy? What about psychology or criminology? We offer courses on these elective options and many more! By taking an online course, you can learn more about one of your career interests.

Elective Courses