Setting Up An Online Summer School Program

As a result of this pandemic, many Michigan schools are exploring online summer learning options as a way to offer students opportunities to earn grade-based credits and provide additional means for learning continuity. If you’re considering setting up an online summer school program in your school or district, we can help you design a program that is cost-neutral or revenue-positive.

Limited-Time Offer — Referral Program for Partner Schools

To reach as many students as possible this summer, Michigan Virtual has created a win-win incentive program for schools willing to share our programs. This referral program will help you earn revenue for your school AND keep students learning over summer break. 

If you’re a school leader interested in exploring what this partnership may look like, get in touch with us! Every enrollment that comes from a student in your district could put funds back in your budget. 

How will this help my students?

Typically, during the summer, it’s important for kids to have less structure than usual, so they can relax and recharge. This year, in the face of a pandemic, the needs of our students may be a little different. They’ll need routines & structured learning opportunities in a way they didn’t in years past.

Furthermore, parents are experiencing a lot of uncertainty regarding their existing summer plans, including face-to-face summer camps, programs, and sports. Our online summer programs provide safe alternatives that allow students to keep learning and potentially even earn school credit.

By setting up an online summer school program, you can:

  • Provide your students with safe & structured summer learning options 
  • Let your staff enjoy their summer breaks — We’ll provide the teachers
  • Improve graduation rates and S.A.T. scores at your school
  • Design a program that is cost-neutral or revenue-positive

Your Guide to Setting Up An Online Summer School Program

Get started creating a highly effective & financially sound online summer school program in your school or district with this free guide.

Let us lighten your load. We'll provide the teachers.

Every online course we offer is taught by a highly-qualified, Michigan-certified teacher who is trained in best practices for online instruction and provides your students with individualized feedback on their assignments.

Online summer school programs

Over 150 Online Summer Classes

Grades 6-12
10 weeks | Opportunities to earn credit | Flexible pacing | Taught by highly qualified, Michigan-certified teachers

Online Summer Camp: Minecraft Edition

Grades 3-8
4-weeks worth of educational challenges in Minecraft: Education Edition designed to engage students’ literacy, math, and coding skills.
Available Now!

Summer French & German Boost

Grades 8-12
Keep their French or German skills sharp with these online summer programs powered by Lingco Language Lab's artificial intelligence-driven software.​
Coming Soon!

Credit Recovery

Grades 6-12
Catch up on graduation requirements this summer with highly supportive online courses designed to foster student success.

Mental Health & Social Emotional Lessons

Grades K-12
Free digital lessons designed to help students in grades K-12 develop the skills required for social, emotional, and mental well-being.

EdReady Math

Grades 4-12
Targets gaps in math knowledge with personalized lesson playlists & empowers students to catch up to or surpass grade-level expectations at their own pace.

EdReady English

Grades 8-12
Gets them on track for college-level English through mastery of key skills & concepts.

Share these programs with parents in your community

Easily share information about our online summer programs with parents and students at your school using our summer communication kit. In the downloadable .zip file, you’ll find email templates, fliers, newsletter blurbs, and more!

Summer programs Flyer

You can download the following flyer to share with students and hang around hallways in your school! For best results, print out in full color and distribute in both your office and on prominent locations in school hallways.

Summer School Catalog

You can download the following summer school catalog with the list of all our online summer courses. For best results, share a digital copy of this catalog with parents and students who are interested in exploring their online summer learning options.

Interested in setting up an online summer school program in your school or district?

If you’re a school leader interested in setting up an online summer program at your school or in your district, don’t hesitate to fill out the form below to indicate your interest. We’ll get back with you as soon as we can to chat more about how you can get started providing your students with flexible summer learning options.

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