Michigan’s Online Learning Law

Thanks to Michigan’s 21f legislation, students in grades K through 12 who are enrolled in a Michigan public school can take up to two online courses per academic term at no cost.

Did you know Michigan students have the legal right to take online courses?

In 2013, the Michigan Legislature expanded student access to digital learning options through Section 21f. As a result, students in grades 6-12 enrolled in a public school academy (PSA) or public local district (including students enrolled through a district on a part-time basis, such as those participating in a shared-time program) are eligible to enroll in up to two online courses during an academic term. It should be noted that districts do have the ability to deny the enrollment of K-5 students in online classes.

A student may be enrolled in more than two online courses if the student’s primary district determines that it is in the student’s best interest, the student agrees with the recommendation of the district, and the district and student have developed an education development plan that is kept on file by the district.

Section 21f Highlights

Michigan’s 21f legislation makes learning more affordable and accessible

Students are granted the opportunity to take additional courses online each semester

Online courses expand students’ potential by adding to their educational experience while making it convenient to retain success

Parent/Guardian Enrollment Request

Please fill out this form and alter the template to create a handout that your student can take to their counselor to let them know that your student is interested in taking online courses through Michigan Virtual.