Learning Continuity Resources

Are you looking for ways to keep your students engaged during the extended school closures due to the COVID-19 outbreak? Below you'll find a variety of free resources designed to help schools evaluate and prepare for providing students with learning continuity.

Statement from our President and CEO on statewide school closures:

“Michigan is facing an unprecedented crisis. Our world is fighting a global pandemic that has implications impacting our everyday lives, including the ability of our children to spend time together in their classrooms. Governor Gretchen Whitmer today called for the closure of schools for the remainder of the school year.

“This is by no means a light or easy decision, yet we applaud her leadership at such a critical time. While best protecting our overall health and safety, we must also recognize that there will be long-term implications for educators and parents as they navigate this development in the months to come. Michigan must work together to better prepare for closures, and utilize innovative remote learning opportunities to ensure the academic success of our students moving forward.

“Concerns about not being able to reach all children equally today are warranted and justified. We need to educate the children we can with the systems we have in place while urgently building the capacity to serve more students as quickly as possible, assuring both access and equity.

“Our educational structure has been forever changed by this pandemic: we are addressing the many challenges and defining the ways in which remote learning can be implemented. We look forward to working with Gov. Whitmer, the legislature, the Michigan Department of Education, and school leaders in the months ahead to put solutions in place for our youth, and for the future of education as a whole.”

Free access to Michigan Virtual course content during school closures​

For the duration of these closures, Michigan Virtual will be offering the content of over 70 of our high-quality online courses FREE to educators and parents as a resource to supplement student learning.

This course content includes all digital lessons; however, it does not include assessments and is non-credit bearing. It is intended to provide educators and parents with enrichment materials they can use to keep students engaged and learning during school closures.

Organize student learning with our weekly checklist template

If you’re using our free course content to supplement student learning during school closures, check out this weekly checklist template to help you organize activities for your student(s).

This template will help you organize the content you want to provide your students, instructions on what they should do with the content, and lastly how/if you want them to assess their understanding.

Join the statewide discussion on learning continuity​

We’d like to invite you to join a statewide conversation about how we can keep Michigan students learning during extended school closures. 

Our Keep Michigan Learning Facebook group is intended to facilitate discussion among Michigan educators on how we can share best practices for learning continuity and move forward together.

Teacher Continuity Readiness Rubric​

As schools move forward and develop current and future plans for providing learning continuity during extended closures, one critical aspect worth considering is teacher readiness for remote instruction. The following rubric is designed to help school leaders evaluate staff readiness for remote instruction based on ten categories rooted in research on effective online teaching.

Teacher Continuity Readiness Checklist​

Effective remote instruction requires different skill sets, tools, and practices than teachers may be accustomed to using in the face-to-face classroom. That being said, there are many simple adjustments teachers can make for quick adaptation to remote teaching. The following checklist is designed to help teachers self-assess their readiness for providing teaching continuity during extended school closures. Tool and resource recommendations are included in each category.

School Closure Learning Continuity Readiness Rubric

Michigan Virtual has created a School Closure Learning Continuity Readiness Rubric that schools can use as an evaluation and planning tool. 

Download the rubric below, or by clicking/tapping on the image of the rubric.

Keep Michigan Learning webinar series

To help Michigan educators and parents keep students learning during school closures, we’re producing a series of short webinars (approx. 30 minutes each) that offer tips, tricks, and best practices for remote teaching and learning.

Free professional development on online & blended learning

Wondering how you might provide your students with at-home learning experiences? Unsure of how best to reach your students during extended school closures? 

We’re currently waiving the registration fee for our online courses on best practices for blended and online learning. These courses offer educators a variety of resources and tools for facilitating at-home learning.

In addition, we have a new online Coronavirus prevention course available for educators.

Looking for other PD options? Our professional catalog has over 250 courses for educators on a variety different topics, including literacy, social emotional learning, and more. Come learn with us!

Home internet options for the economically disadvantaged

The Michigan Department of Education has compiled a list of low-cost internet options available to economically disadvantaged families in Michigan. 

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