Introduction to Blended Learning for School Leaders

Are you looking to provide your students with a more personalized learning experience? Schools are discovering that blended learning can provide a flexible and personalized approach while also reinvigorating learning for both students and teachers. In this informative course, you will hear from other district leaders who have implemented blended learning in their schools. As you examine these viewpoints, you will consider and reflect on how different models could be implemented into your school and how to support your teachers and students during a transition into a new learning model.

In this course, you will:

  • Learn a shared language for personalized learning using models such as blended and online learning,
  • Understand what blended learning is and discover the different models,
  • Identify models of blended learning that could work for your district,
  • Examine the learning management system landscape and determine possible sources of content, and
  • Recognize how to support your staff when transitioning from a traditional face to face model to a blended program.

Who should take this course?


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High School
Lower Elementary
Middle School
Upper Elementary