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K-12 online learning solutions that improve student success by addressing your whole school's needs

Student success doesn't depend on students alone

Our whole-school approach provides comprehensive education, support, and resources to key stakeholders as a means of improving student outcomes in and out of class.

Online learning should include more than just courses

Learn why in our eBook, A whole-school approach to virtual learning

Addressing the whole school's needs

Our whole-school approach to online learning offers a comprehensive educational experience that solves many of the challenges today’s students, teachers, and administrators face.

Comprehensive Student Courses

Led by Michigan-certified teachers who are highly qualified in their subject areas, our award-winning courses provide individualized learning opportunities for a variety of needs.

The results speak for themselves

Our research-based solutions leverage the latest data and proven methodologies to increase student success.

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Personalized Professional Development

Professional development is a critical link in ensuring a quality education. Our PD solutions offer personalized education, training, and support for educators to help improve the student experience.

The Michigan Virtual difference

Student success is at the center of everything we do

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)

A quality education touches more than academics. Suite360, our online SEL solution, addresses the cognitive, emotional, behavioral, and social skills students need to succeed in school and beyond.

Math & English Support

EdReady Math and EdReady English target knowledge gaps and provide students with a personalized study path to master critical skills and concepts in math and English.

See how Hamilton Community Schools partnered with us to pair standards-based grading and individualized learning to better meet student needs

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