District-Provided Professional Development

Team up with Michigan Virtual to build your one-of-a-kind professional development experience.

We’ve provided professional development across Michigan since 2003 and can develop a robust program that addresses your district’s priorities.

How can we help you?

Group Registration and Enrollment

Let us take care of the heavy lifting for you! We offer two Group Registration and Enrollment (GRE) options: Select and Choice.

GRE Select

Select a course or several courses for your staff to take through our professional learning portal.

GRE Choice

Choose a catalog of courses for your staff to take throughout the school year (or customizable timeframe).

Frequently asked questions

We will request a PIC of all certified staff during the initial steps of the GRE. We will then verify this with MOECS and ensure this is updated for the learner. Lastly, we will process all SCECHs for certified staff.

Yes! We can provide a weekly report to designated contacts sharing staff’s learning progress. This feature is only available for GRE Select and GRE Choice.

After we receive the required information, it typically takes one to two weeks to start.

Yes! You don’t need to be an expert in the topic. Use our self-paced courses to customize and personalize the activities for your staff. Our Professional Learning Specialists can provide guidance for how you can create a blended learning experience by combining a self-paced course with in-person activities during one of your professional development days.

Personalized coaching

Have small groups within your district meet with our experts to support your blended and online learning efforts.

Customized professional development for your district

We can support your district with a customized professional development plan. We can also partner with you to build new learning experiences.

Face-to-face synchronous training

You have options! 

Our specialists can visit your school or district on your professional development days to provide live support for district-wide initiatives for blended and online learning.

Our specialists can also provide guidance for how you can facilitate your own training using the content from one of our PLP courses. Provide your staff a blended learning experience where they work through a self-paced course while they also participate in synchronous activities and conversations on one of your professional development days.

Don’t just take our word for it!

With Michigan Virtual’s seamless platform for professional development, administrators can offer already busy teachers relevant, on-demand, and self-paced training options that align with a school or district’s improvement plan. Hear what Michigan teachers have said about our products/services.

Doug Rothwell <br / ><small>President & CEO Business Leaders For Michigan</small>​
Doug Rothwell
President & CEO Business Leaders For Michigan
“Over the past twenty years, Michigan Virtual has helped over 250,000 people receive high-quality online instruction they might not otherwise have been able to afford or access through traditional learning programs. Michigan Virtual positions Michigan to lead in the delivery of high-quality education and training at a time when the demand for this has never been greater.”​
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Kelly Newell
Fraser Public Schools
“The level of support and resources provided by the Michigan Virtual team have been invaluable in transforming my thinking about blended learning.”
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Meaghan Gauthier<br / ><small>Alpena Public Schools​</small>​
Meaghan Gauthier
Alpena Public Schools​
“Blended Learning Live! ranks up there with the best professional learning experience I’ve had. As an educator who does not have a background in instructional technology, the content of this 2-day series helped me to easily understand the possible entry points into blended learning a teacher can choose from based on his/her readiness.”​
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Keri Powell
Cadillac Public Schools
“As a full-time elementary teacher and mother of three, I have appreciated the flexibility of the course and instructors — they really make it manageable for busy professionals to grow in their profession.”
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Interested in learning more?

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in speaking to one of our professional development specialists about providing educators in your district with goal-focused professional learning opportunities.

Note: this form is only for group enrollment opportunities; for individual professional development, please visit our Professional Learning Portal.