MDE and Michigan Virtual Partnership

Michigan Virtual offers over 350 professional development courses that can be bundled into thematic pathways that meet the needs of your school or district’s improvement plan. These pathways are entirely customizable. Our professional learning specialists will help you design a plan tailored to the needs of your educators. You can pick just one class or several with both free and affordable options, as well as online and face-to-face training and events.

Assessment Security Training

This MDE-approved course will help you establish and maintain appropriate and secure test administration practices. When test day comes around, this course will help you build a fair testing environment.

One-hour | self-paced course | free of charge

Test security is a vital consideration to ensure fair, reliable, and valid test scores, and to prevent misadministration. This four-module training course will help you complete your MDE Assessment Security training for state assessments. You will be able to supplement your district or school training...

Early Literacy Essentials Training

These MDE-approved courses help address our state’s most pressing literacy issues, including Michigan’s ranking as 41st among U.S. states in 4th-grade reading scores and the fact that less than 50 percent of Michigan 3rd graders are proficient readers.

Research suggests that the practices overviewed in these courses will have a positive impact on literacy development. We believe that the use of these practices in every classroom every day could make a measurable positive difference in the State’s literacy achievement.

children reading books
Happy high school teacher looking at camera during the class in the classroom.

Seclusion & Restraint Awareness Training

This one hour, self-paced course — created in partnership with MDE — fulfills the State of Michigan requirements for seclusion & restraint awareness training.

Computer Science Standards: A Primer for K-5 Teachers

For Michigan’s students to be competitive in the 21st-century economy, it is critical that they have access to computer science learning opportunities. Why? Because they need to develop skills and aptitudes in computer science that equip them to navigate new and emerging innovations.

In partnership with the Michigan Department of Education, we have developed a course that provides an overview of Michigan’s K-12 Computer Science Standards and demonstrate how they can be integrated with existing teaching practice in a K-5 classroom setting.

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Elementary students raising their hands

Educator Evaluation in MI

This set of courses explores specific strategies and opportunities that empower participants to take ownership of their evaluation and become the driving force behind their own professional growth. Participants will learn how to leverage specific strategies and opportunities to engage in evaluation cycles, including self-reflection and goal-setting, student growth planning and tracking, identifying professional learning needs and opportunities, processing and implementing feedback, gathering evidence of effective practice, and preparing for evaluation conferences.

Future Proud Michigan Educator (Student Course)

Future Proud Michigan Educators is a course designed to raise student awareness of educational strategies, systems, and professions. This course engages learners in a study of student identity and the ways in which those identities are developed in learning communities. The lessons and activities provide a telescopic perspective while supporting individual learners to consider their personal microscopic perspectives. Students will examine issues that affect their education, including personal and systemic influences. Through classroom assignments and clinical experiences, students will analyze teaching and learning practices as they experience mentorship and participatory learning. Students will use the course content and experiences to reflect on and prepare for their own educational pathways.

Teacher meeting

MDE Facilitating Future Proud Michigan Educator: Explore

The Future Proud Michigan Educator Program (Future PME) asks motivated and capable instructors to help Michigan’s efforts in enticing and maintaining a strong teacher workforce. In this preparation course, you will become familiar with your role as a teacher educator helping future educators, including students in grade 6-12, navigate their unique pathways through this program. You will learn about theory and current movements in teacher preparation designed to best support those on their way to seeking certification.

Free SEL Training for Educators

In partnership with the Michigan Department of Education, we’ve created a series of free online courses that inform educators on best practices in social emotional learning:

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