Social-Emotional Learning: Trauma-Informed Support

In recent years, there has been an increase in understanding the influence that childhood traumatic experiences can have on students in their learning environments. This proactive course will show how social and emotional learning can offer students skills to help tackle those experiences. You will also gain more knowledge regarding trauma, how it impacts the developing brain, and thus, potentially, academic achievement. This course is part of the Social and Emotional Learning series.

In this course, you will:

  • Define trauma, its characteristics, and its prevalence,
  • Discuss long-term physical and mental health impacts of trauma, including potential impacts on the developing brain,
  • Describe strategies for responding to trauma-related behaviors that support healing and resilience,
  • Understand the link between SEL and trauma-informed systems, and
  • Explore compassion fatigue and self-care strategies.

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Who should take this course?

Support Staff

What grade level(s) does this course apply to?

Early Childhood
High School
Lower Elementary
Middle School

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