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Web 3.0
Dr. Mike Peck

The Web3 Revolution: 3 Critical Ways Web3 is Transforming Education and Work

Step into the web3 era with this deep dive into its groundbreaking implications for education. From blockchain-enabled credentials to learner-employment records, see how this digital revolution could redefine learning and how we can prepare students for a rapidly evolving future.

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Web 3.0
Dr. Mike Peck

Web3 101: What educators need to know about the future of the web

Remember the days when the internet resembled a massive library, and Google was our librarian? Well, the internet has evolved a lot since then! As we transition to web3 — the ‘read-write-own’ era — we gain unprecedented control over our data and information. As educators, it’s our responsibility to adjust to this new reality while embracing its exciting possibilities. Let’s explore what web3 means for the future of education together!

Online Learning
Danielle Peck

Overcoming procrastination: Boost student executive function with transparent planning (+ free template!)

The transparent planning process offers strategies for combatting procrastination and strengthening students’ executive function. This process not only can improve academic outcomes but also helps instill lifelong skills in students. In this article, I dive into the connection between procrastination and executive function before exploring what transparent planning is and how it can help. I’ll also share a free Google template you can use to practice transparent planning with your students.

Online Learning
Taylor Shivers

3 Creative Ways to Celebrate Student Success in the Online Classroom

There is much to celebrate when students do well in their online courses! After all, success in online learning requires excellent time management skills, the ability to learn in a new environment, and so much more. Looking for ways to celebrate student achievements that go beyond the typical “good job” email? Here are three creative tactics you can try!

Danielle Peck

The Power of the 5:1 Ratio: How Fostering Positive Interactions Can Transform Student Learning

The 5:1 ratio has completely changed my thinking about interactions in the classroom. It all started with a question about grading. After all, part of our jobs as teachers is to provide corrective feedback to help students grow. The 5:1 ratio helps to ensure that students can receive this feedback effectively. More importantly, however, it can help us be intentional about creating a classroom environment that centers our humanity.

Social Emotional Learning
Andrea McKay

A simple template for SEL check-ins

Using this simple template, our online instructors have learned a lot more about what’s going on in their students’ lives, both sorrows and joys. This information can help teachers better connect with students and figure out what might be getting in the way of learning.

Social Emotional Learning
Ed Timke

Time for Teachers: Self-Assessment with Community Support as Individual Solutions

Educators often cite a lack of time as one of their most significant stressors. How can we help teachers find the balance necessary to feel satisfied in their jobs and meet their social and emotional needs? This third post in the Time for Teachers blog series will discuss the importance of a self-assessment in addressing individual problems and solutions teachers face. This is not to say the onus of addressing challenges should fall squarely on the shoulders of individual teachers. Teachers need a community of practice and support to help them identify problems they might face individually that could benefit from solutions that come from consulting with colleagues.

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