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Illustration of a business man standing at the edge of a cliff

In celebration of our 20th anniversary, we hosted four panel discussions on Mitch Albom’s radio show on WJR 760. In this segment, Mitch Albom explores barriers to progress in Michigan’s educational system with a panel of the leaders of several of Michigan’s educational organizations.

Newpapers showing headlines of school shootings

There are many good reasons to promote the value of online learning, but gun violence should not be one of them.

Colorful water slides

In this blog post, we’ll cover the basics of the summer slide — what and who are at risk and why — as well some tips and tricks for mitigating the effects of summer learning loss.

3 men climbing a mountain. All three are helping eachother climb.

Podcast: Power With, Not Power Over

By Author Profile Photo Michigan Virtual

In this episode, Jeff and Erin chat about the concept of “power with vs. power over” — inspired by a recent book study of Jim Knight’s High-Impact Instruction — and host a great interview with the always amazing Val Capel.

How Effective is Online Learning in Michigan

By Author Profile Photo Nikki Fisher

Let’s be honest: Online learning in Michigan, as a whole, is in deep need of reform. Since 2010, the average pass rate for online courses in Michigan has hovered around 60 percent. Compared to the pass rate for traditional classrooms, this statistic has led some to condemn virtual schooling as a failed experiment.

A money tree coming out of a book in a library

Michigan’s Literacy Crisis is a Public Health Crisis

By Author Profile Photo Michigan Virtual

Who suffers when our literacy rates are low? In this blog post by Tamara Bashore-Berg, we dive into the startling reality of Michigan’s literacy crisis and explore Dr. Nell Duke’s argument that this issue is, at its heart, a public health crisis.

Silhouette of kids playing with technology

Turning Digital Natives into Digital Citizens

By Author Profile Photo Nikki Fisher

Two educators share their experiences teaching digital literacy Last week, I had the great pleasure of speaking to two educators about their experiences teaching digital literacy. The conversations that emerged were eye-opening. Both teachers have taught — or are… Read more

Godfrey-Lee Public Schools Rebel U Shield

Podcast: Live Episode @ Rebel U

By Author Profile Photo Michigan Virtual

In this episode, Jeff shares some audio from a recent teacher professional development session on podcasts, then Jeff and Erin chat about using classroom experience to shape professional learning.

Anchor in Sand

Podcast: Anchors Away!

By Author Profile Photo Michigan Virtual

In this episode a podcast about … podcasts! Jeff and Erin discuss a cool tool for recording podcasts and how teachers might think about using podcasts in the classroom.

Child staring out a window in a classroom

Innovation in Education

By Author Profile Photo Andrea McKay

Students have access to more information in their pockets than ever before, yet they are often told to leave their phones in their lockers.

Devices showing FlipGrid

Podcast: Flipgrid & The Great Chicken/Egg Debate

By Author Profile Photo Michigan Virtual

Jeff and Erin share about Flipgrid and how they dig using it with students and teachers alike, then ask: what comes first, the technology tool or the learning?

The Office 365 Dashboard

Designing the physical classroom to accommodate modern learning

Michigan Virtual honored by Quality Matters for quality courses and impact on student success

LANSING, MI — Michigan Virtual™ is excited to announce that it received a 2017 Quality Matters Making a Difference for Students Award for Outstanding Impact by a K-12 Organization at the QM annual conference “Connect Conference — Pathways to… Read more

Podcast: Sharon Murchie

Podcast: Putting Students in the Driver’s Seat

By Author Profile Photo Erin Luckhardt

After a summer hiatus (or a summer full of professional learning opportunities with teachers), we’re back! In this episode, we chat with Sharon Murchie, a high school English teacher with Bath Community Schools. She provides a look into her… Read more

Group photo of our online instructors

The New Michigan Virtual

By Author Profile Photo Jamey Fitzpatrick

2018 marks our 20th anniversary as a nonprofit organization. We have witnessed the unparalleled growth of new technology tools that leverage the power and reach of the Internet to address business, entertainment, education and communication needs. It is hard… Read more

One person hitting another with boxing gloves

The Blended Learning Fight Club

By Author Profile Photo Jamie DeWitt

The first rule of blended learning is: you do not talk about blended learning. Recently, I was designing a professional learning experience for some administrators and, for the first time in my career in blended learning outreach, decided to… Read more

Video game controller

Unlocking the Next Level of Science Teaching

By Author Profile Photo Andrew Vanden Heuvel

I’m not ashamed to admit it — I’m 34, married with three children and I still like to play video games. While the Sega Genesis gave birth to my addiction, I do vividly recall huddling around the Commodore 64… Read more

Campfire Podcast: Dan Spencer

SHOW #6! We have had a great time chatting with teachers, administrators, and technology integration specialists and this episode was no different. We had on our guest, and friend, Dan Spencer. Dan is a high school science teacher turned tech… Read more

Spacious Classroom

Physical Spaces

By Author Profile Photo Jeff Gerlach

Designing the physical classroom to accommodate modern learning

Campfire Podcast: Rachelle Wynkoop

Podcast: Talking Marginalia with Rachelle

By Author Profile Photo Erin Luckhardt

Thanks so much for tuning into the show and checking out the show notes! We appreciate YOU! In our 5th episode, we got into some deep conversations with Rachelle Wynkoop surrounding literacy, explored a new tool for us that linked up… Read more

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