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Podcast: Sharon Murchie

Podcast: Putting Students in the Driver’s Seat

By Author Profile Photo Erin Luckhardt

After a summer hiatus (or a summer full of professional learning opportunities with teachers), we’re back! In this episode, we chat with Sharon Murchie, a high school English teacher with Bath Community Schools. She provides a look into her… Read more

Group photo of our online instructors

The New Michigan Virtual

By Author Profile Photo Jamey Fitzpatrick

2018 marks our 20th anniversary as a nonprofit organization. We have witnessed the unparalleled growth of new technology tools that leverage the power and reach of the Internet to address business, entertainment, education and communication needs. It is hard… Read more

One person hitting another with boxing gloves

The Blended Learning Fight Club

By Author Profile Photo Jamie DeWitt

The first rule of blended learning is: you do not talk about blended learning. Recently, I was designing a professional learning experience for some administrators and, for the first time in my career in blended learning outreach, decided to… Read more

Video game controller

Unlocking the Next Level of Science Teaching

By Author Profile Photo Andrew Vanden Heuvel

I’m not ashamed to admit it — I’m 34, married with three children and I still like to play video games. While the Sega Genesis gave birth to my addiction, I do vividly recall huddling around the Commodore 64… Read more

Campfire Podcast: Dan Spencer

SHOW #6! We have had a great time chatting with teachers, administrators, and technology integration specialists and this episode was no different. We had on our guest, and friend, Dan Spencer. Dan is a high school science teacher turned tech… Read more

Spacious Classroom

Physical Spaces

By Author Profile Photo Jeff Gerlach

Designing the physical classroom to accommodate modern learning

Campfire Podcast: Rachelle Wynkoop

Podcast: Talking Marginalia with Rachelle

By Author Profile Photo Erin Luckhardt

Thanks so much for tuning into the show and checking out the show notes! We appreciate YOU! In our 5th episode, we got into some deep conversations with Rachelle Wynkoop surrounding literacy, explored a new tool for us that linked up… Read more

Campfire Podcast: Erin Mastin

Podcast: Failure-free Failing

By Author Profile Photo Erin Luckhardt

As we get deeper into our podcast adventure, we are feeling fortunate to have the opportunity to converse with fantastic educators and get a glimpse into how learning happens in their classrooms or schools. This week was no different…. Read more

Campfire Podcast: Ben Rimes

Podcast: Shirley Temples With Ben

By Author Profile Photo Erin Luckhardt

Show notes from this week’s campfire: We got off to a good start by revisiting the hot dog/sandwich conundrum. We shared how we are majorly digging on Quizizz — a gamified review/assessment where students are answering questions in a race… Read more

Campfire Podcast: Sandy Freeland

Podcast: Talking About, and To, A Wonder Woman

By Author Profile Photo Erin Luckhardt

The weather outside is feeling especially blustery, so come on over to our campfire for some great conversation. This week we launched our second episode of Campfire with our special guest, Sandy Freeland. We’re sensing a trend with teacher interviews,… Read more

Campfire Podcast: Ben Pineda

Podcast: Getting Wizer Just P-Cuz

By Author Profile Photo Erin Luckhardt

The weather may be snowy and cold, but our campfire’s keeping us warm! This week we launched our first “official” episode of Campfire with special guest, Ben Pineda. Despite having a snow day, Ben took the time to chat with… Read more

Campfire Podcast Announcement

Podcast: Chubby Bunny Teacher Challenge

By Author Profile Photo Erin Luckhardt

Bust out the s’mores, it’s time for a CAMPFIRE! It might be a little chilly to gather around a campfire this time of year, but we’d love for you to grab your coffee and get cozy while you listen… Read more

Gallery Walk Posters

Teaching in Beta

By Author Profile Photo Jeff Gerlach

My colleagues, Kelli Hixon and Stacey Schuh, regularly facilitate blended learning regional events across the state. In most cases, they’ve partnered up with intermediate school districts (ISD’s) throughout the state to help host and promote the events. A great… Read more

LEGO Stormtrooprs

The Force Awakens Your Classroom

By Author Profile Photo David Young

The blended learning team challenged their colleague, David Young (Instructional Design Manager at Michigan Virtual), to channel his excitement for the release of the new Star Wars film into a guest blog post about blended learning. He did not… Read more

Toy figure of Batgirl

The All Too Often Neglected Teacher Superpower

By Author Profile Photo Kelli Hixon

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” —William A. Ward Throughout my childhood, I had teachers I connected with in a way I will never forget, while others have faded… Read more

Girl under covers, looking at camera.

Change is not always easy for me. Ok, it is never easy for me. I dread the unknown, funny since a major part of my job is to support changes in education. Every day I encourage educators to take… Read more

Desktop running Microsoft Windows

Expand your presentations and supercharge your screen captures with these tools.

Is Online Teaching in Your Future?

By Author Profile Photo Jamey Fitzpatrick

During the next decade, thousands of educators in the U.S. will start a new professional journey by teaching one or more courses in an online environment. For some, this will be an exciting transition and for others it will… Read more

Angela Mellott

Celebrating student learning at Brandywine

By Author Profile Photo Jeff Gerlach

Exploring a blended learning project from start to finish.

Dingy old book

Is Blended Learning a Fairy Tale?

By Author Profile Photo Jamie DeWitt

  In Michael Horn (@michaelbhorn) and Heather Staker’s (@hstaker) new book “Blended,” blended learning implementation is examined and discussed. As the blended learning movement is exploding, it is natural to have various levels of adoption. Horn and Staker mention… Read more

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