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Cold weather doesn’t stop learning at Michigan Virtual

By Author Profile Photo Jamey Fitzpatrick

When it’s cold out. Really cold. Like it has been often this winter. Many schools shut down. That’s not news to anyone in Michigan, but Michigan Virtual online learning students are warm and toasty on those days, sitting in… Read more

Man wandering down a path

Differentiation in a world without learning styles

By Author Profile Photo Jeff Gerlach

My Experience It was in an 8th-grade social studies class that I first encountered differentiation based on learning styles. At that time I was a student assistant, gaining classroom experience in preparation of my student teaching assignment to follow… Read more

Mastery of the Universe

By Author Profile Photo Jeff Gerlach

Exploring the practical aspects of Competency Based Learning

MAET Bridge: Social Studies

By Author Profile Photo Jeff Gerlach

How are social studies teachers blending their classrooms?

Man sitting alone on some bleachers

Being thoughtful about the barrier between our personal and professional lives. By Jeff Gerlach. I had a moment of serendipity last week that changed a long standing social media policy of mine: Avoid connecting with students through social media channels… Read more

Stacked rocks along the shore

Zen and the Art of Instructional Design

By Author Profile Photo Jeff Gerlach

Coaching and learning with teachers, designing a new development process

Playing Cards

Teachers Trump Tools

By Author Profile Photo Jeff Gerlach

We need to stop giving tools the credit for engaging our students and put the focus back on teachers.

Since the voluntary use of Internet technologies entered education, several waves of innovation have occurred; I would argue we are now at Wave Number 5 — personalized learning records or what I call universal transcripts. We increasingly live in… Read more

GVSU Library

Lessons in physical space from the library

By Author Profile Photo Jeff Gerlach

GVSU’s library is a flexible study environment that K-12 education should emulate.

Mrs. Wever speaking to her class

This Is Fourth Grade: A Blended Odyssey

By Author Profile Photo Jeff Gerlach

Mary Wever personalizes learning to meet the diverse needs of her students.

Using a computer in the dark

Confessions of an EdTech Guerrilla

By Author Profile Photo Jeff Gerlach

Innovator or antagonist? You decide.

Series of tubes

Make intermittent internet access normal

By Author Profile Photo Jeff Gerlach

The digital divide need not turn your classroom into a case of have/have-nots

Snow-covered building

A new snow day ritual: Learn from home!

By Author Profile Photo Jeff Gerlach

Could schools hold classes even when the weather closes down the building?

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