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Online Learning
Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute

Out of Order, Out of Reach: An Interview with a Researcher

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, online learning has become increasingly prevalent, offering students flexibility and accessibility to course materials. Recent research has delved into

Online Learning
Jacqueline Zweig

Using AP Exam Data to Drive Discussions about AP Courses

Michigan Virtual conducted an analysis to understand the factors influencing whether students take AP exams. They found that higher course grades and course subject were associated with exam participation. However, other factors beyond grades also contribute to student achievement. This analysis helps Michigan Virtual reflect on their courses and improve support for AP students.

Online Learning
Danielle Peck

Overcoming procrastination: Boost student executive function with transparent planning (+ free template!)

The transparent planning process offers strategies for combatting procrastination and strengthening students’ executive function. This process not only can improve academic outcomes but also helps instill lifelong skills in students. In this article, I dive into the connection between procrastination and executive function before exploring what transparent planning is and how it can help. I’ll also share a free Google template you can use to practice transparent planning with your students.

Online Learning
Taylor Shivers

3 Creative Ways to Celebrate Student Success in the Online Classroom

There is much to celebrate when students do well in their online courses! After all, success in online learning requires excellent time management skills, the ability to learn in a new environment, and so much more. Looking for ways to celebrate student achievements that go beyond the typical “good job” email? Here are three creative tactics you can try!

Christa Green

Effective Practices in Professional Learning Course Design: Course Content

Based on direct input from learners via end-of-course survey data, Michigan Virtual’s Instructional Product Development team gleaned the effective practices outlined in this blog in order to improve their course development and better meet the needs of the educators whom they serve.

Online Learning

The Case for Districtwide SEL Initiatives

After the events of this past year, administrators are reexamining strategies used to address student behavior and improve educational intervention. With students and staff returning

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