Online National Standards 1: Getting Started

Whether teaching face-to-face or online, your goals and concerns as an educator remain the same including how to connect, communicate, and meet expectations with students. This course will help you get started online by providing an overview of the National Standards for Quality (NSQ) Online Teaching and Online Courses. You will gain insight into these research-based standards and examples of application for elementary and secondary students in the areas of Digital Pedagogy, Digital Citizenship, and Community Building in online teaching as well as Overview and Support for online courses.

In this course, you will:

  • Identify the NSQ pertinent to transitioning your curriculum to online courses and teaching,
  • Examine indicators of successful Digital Pedagogy, Community Building, and Digital Citizenship,
  • Recognize indicators that promote clear expectations and guidance for learners in online courses,
  • Review helpful elementary and secondary examples of strategies to apply these National Standards for Quality, and
  • Reflect on your current practices and begin to determine ways NSQ practices will help you grow professionally.

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