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Give them summer options without breaking a sweat.

You know the dangers of the summer slide. You want to offer your students more opportunities to keep their minds active over the summer break.

But the logistics are tricky — you struggle to find the budget and staffing capacity required to provide sustainable summer learning options.

Good news! Using our online courses and programs, you can:

  • Provide your students with flexible summer learning options that fit their family’s busy schedule
  • Let your staff enjoy their summer breaks — We’ll provide the teachers
  • Improve graduation rates and S.A.T. scores at your school
  • Design a program that is cost-neutral or revenue-positive

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Limited Time Offer — Referral Program for Partner Schools

Are you interested in partnering with us to spread the word about summer learning? For schools who help promote our summer programs to their parents and staff, we’re offering a special referral program that can help you earn revenue for your school AND keep students learning over summer break. It’s a win-win!
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Summer learning FAQs

In this free guide, we answer commonly asked questions we hear from administrators on how to provide successful and cost-effective summer learning options for students.

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Step-by-step guide

If you’re looking to provide students at your school or district with more summer learning options, this step-by-step guide will help you think through the process of building a highly successful online summer learning program.

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Don't take our word for it

In this webinar, we talk to representatives from Brighton Area Schools and Northville Public Schools about how they’ve established successful summer learning programs in their districts.

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Let us lighten your load. We'll provide the teachers.

When you partner with us to offer your students online courses, we provide the teachers. Every online course we offer is taught by a highly-qualified, Michigan-certified teacher who is trained in best practices for online instruction and provides your students with individualized feedback on their assignments.

Our Course Difference

Over 150 summer courses!

During the summer, we offer online courses on over 150 different subjects. Students have 10 weeks to complete summer coursework at their own pace and will be supported along the way by a highly qualified, Michigan-certified online instructor who is an expert in their subject area.

Our summer courses have a rolling start date, which means students can start as early as June 3 or as late as June 28. Regardless of their start date, they will have until August 9 to complete their coursework.

With over 23 credit recovery courses, 6 world languages, and a wide array of career-oriented electives from computer programming to veterinary science, our course catalog has many options to suit the needs of ALL of your students.

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Summer enrichment programs

In addition to our online courses, we also several other summer enrichment programs for students, including:

These programs are under $100, self-directed, non-credit-bearing, and offer students engaging, online lessons and materials to keep their minds active over summer break.

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The Benefits of Online Summer Learning

Download the following infographics to learn about how online summer learning will benefit your students, as well as 4 types of courses your students can take this summer! Upon clicking on any of these infographics, you will be taken to a PDF version you can feel free to download and share.

10 Reasons Students Take Our Online Summer Courses

Top 10 Reasons Students Take Summer Courses: To learn more about a career interest — For example, we offer online courses in veterinary science, computer programming, medical terminology, astronomy, oceanography, and many more! To recover credits in a course they failed during a previous semester — We offer a special program called Essentials for online credit recovery students that provides them with extra support in their online courses To fulfill prerequisites, so they can begin AP courses or dual enrollment in the Fall To create more space in next year’s schedule, so they can take band, orchestra, choir, AP courses, or dual enroll To practice their math and English skills over the summer — Studies show that students lose up to 2 months of math and reading skills over the summer. With EdReady Math and EdReady English, they can keep their minds active, prepare for college, and either catch up to or surpass grade-level expectations To keep their world language learning skills fresh, so they don’t lose three months of practice over the summer To begin learning a new language — We offer 6 languages over the summer, including Spanish, French, German, American Sign Language, Japanese, and Latin To audit a challenging course they plan to take in the Fall — If students choose to audit a course, it will not count as a credit, but also will not affect their GPA To earn NCAA credits (for student-athletes) — Online courses that are NCAA-accredited can help student-athletes get ahead on college requirements over the summer, so they have more flexibility for balancing sports and school in the upcoming year To prevent summer brain drain — On average, it is predicted that students lose about one month’s worth of learning over the summer. Online summer courses help students keep their minds active during summer break!

4 Types of Online Courses Your Students Can Take This Summer

4 Types of online courses your student can take this summer. 1. Prerequisites: Summer learning provides a great opportunity for students to get ahead on prerequisites needed for next year's AP courses or dual enrollment. 2. Core requirements: If your student needs to recover credits OR simply wants to free up space in next year's schedule, they might benefit from taking a required core course over the summer. 3. Career Interests: Does your student have an interest in veterinary science? Computer programming? Astronomy? What about psychology or criminology? By taking an online summer course, they can learn more about one of their career interests. Explore our summer course catalog to see all 150 course options. 4. World Languages: Taking three months off during the summer can have a negative impact on student proficiency in a world language. One way for students to keep their language skills sharp during the summer is by taking online world language courses with a highly qualified instructor.

7 Ways Online Summer School Benefits Your High-Achieving Students

7 ways online summer school benefits your high-achieving students: #1 — By freeing up space in their schedules for next year's electives and dual enrollment: #2 — By allowing them to complete necessary prerequisites for next year's AP courses #3 —By keeping their language learning skills fresh, so they don't lose 3 months of practice #4 — By keeping their minds active and preventing summer brain drain #5 — By giving them maximum flexibility to fit summer learning into their busy schedules #6 — By helping college-bound student-athletes earn NCAA credits #7 — By giving them the opportunity to audit a challenging course they plan to take in the fall

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