Podcast PD: Google Forms, Failure-Free Failing and CBE

Helpful resources and new applications are constantly emerging in the teaching world that can shape your instructional practices, especially in a blended classroom. In this experiential course, you will listen to a podcast that discusses the topics of personalized learning and a growth mindset for your students, and then communicate your findings on the subject. You will have the opportunity to explore topics and resources about Google Forms, a classroom that embraces learning through failure-free failing, and competency-based education. This course is part of the Podcast PD series.

In this course, you will:

  • Discover the informal learning experience of listening to podcasts in a formalized course setting,
  • Explore growth mindset and possible classroom application,
  • Demonstrate the instructional affordances of Google Forms and possible classroom application,
  • Examine competency-based education and its benefits, and also the challenges associated with its implementation, and
  • Create artifacts and a lesson based on your findings.

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Early Childhood
High School
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