Online Lessons with Littles: An Overview

Virtual learning poses a challenge for teachers of pre-k and kindergarten students to find new ways of encouraging hands-on activities, connections, and independence—all from a remote setting. This course will offer you general guidance and tips to help plan and implement online lessons with your littles. You will become familiar with five main strategies to incorporate into your online lessons including being brief, encouraging family connections, sticking with routines, utilizing music, and staying flexible. You’ll also have the opportunity to share ideas and resources with other educators.

  • Understand the “why” behind each of the five strategies for teaching littles online,
  • Explore examples and resources to get ideas about how you might incorporate the five tips in your online classroom, and
  • Participate in teacher “show and tell” to share what has worked (or what hasn’t) in your classrooms.

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Early Childhood
Lower Elementary

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