Podcast PD: Growing Student Agency and Implementing Google Classroom

Your students come from varying social, cultural, and academic backgrounds; how can you help them grow their own leadership of their journey into adulthood? This practice-minded course looks at student agency as a multi-faceted skill that can be grown and shaped. It also looks at how technology, like Google Classroom, can practice this skill within a lesson. You will examine different dimensions of student agency including setting advantageous goals, initiating action toward those goals, reflection and revision, and internalizing self-efficacy. This course is part of the Podcast PD series.

In this course, you will:

  • Discover the informal learning experience of listening to podcasts in a formalized course setting,
  • Explore how to implement student agency as a learning tool in your school or classroom,
  • Discover Google Classroom as a helpful technology tool, and
  • Create a plan to develop a specific student-agency skill using your findings.

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Early Childhood
High School
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