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Devices alone aren't enough to improve student learning.

Bringing technology into your school or district is a great first step to transforming learning, but in order to significantly improve student achievement you’ll need to go a little further by:

  • Creating a plan to implement this technology strategically
  • Following tried and true practices in blended and personalized learning
  • Empowering teachers to combine their pedagogical and content knowledge with the power of technology to positively impact student achievement.

Want to learn how? Send a team of admins and teacher leaders to Blended Learning Live! — a two-day, immersive training event that will give your educators the resources and dedicated time they need to walk away with a blended learning plan for your school or district.

What is Blended Learning Live?

Blended Learning Live! is an innovative, two-day training event designed by Heather Staker, a nationally-recognized expert in blended learning. These two days are tailored to the needs of your school by giving you the resources and dedicated time you need to create a plan that ensures your teachers can use the technology they’ve been provided to give your students individualized attention and support through tried-and-true best practices in personalized learning.

Say no more. . . Where can I sign up?

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Who should attend?

Your school will benefit from Blended Learning Live! training whether you’ve been a 1:1 school for 8 years or you’re starting from scratch, still in the process of deciding what kind of technology you need to purchase to take student learning to the next level.

Maybe your school just received a grant for new technology and you are trying to determine how to best use it. Maybe you’re an administrator who doesn’t know where to begin in implementing building-wide teacher training on how to use this new technology. Maybe you simply have a pervasive problem at your school that you suspect could be solved by offering your students more personalized learning options.

If your school is in any of these positions, Blended Learning Live! can help you create a plan for next steps.

Count me in!

“Blended Learning Live! ranks up there with the best professional learning experience I’ve had. As an educator who does not have a background in instructional technology, the content of this 2-day series helped me to easily understand the possible entry points into blended learning a teacher can choose from based on his/her readiness.” — Meaghan Gauthier, Alpena Public Schools
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Designed for groups

This event is designed for teams of five, including at least one district or building leader and one teacher. Here’s why: The work we ask you to do in this training requires both the openness to imagine and the capacity to create building-wide change. Teachers who have attended this event without their administrator often express frustration at not having the power to effect the changes they’d like to see made. This training will be most effective if you can bring together the voices you need at the table to create positive and impactful change at your school.

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Not your standard PD experience

The best way to understand why personalized learning works so well is to try it for yourself. In this training session, we don’t just lecture at you for two straight days about what you should be doing in your school. When it comes to your school, you are the expert. You know what’s going on in your building better than we ever could. We’ll start off by creating a common vocabulary and sharing best practices in blended learning. But ultimately, our goal is to leverage your expertise and empower you to bring positive change back to your school with a plan in hand for how to accomplish it.

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Leave with a plan in hand

Upon completing this training, you and your staff will walk away with a blended learning plan for your school or district. Below you will find a few examples of plans other Michigan districts have created as a result of Blended Learning Live! to address pervasive problems in their schools.

Example #1 — High Student Absences

The Problem: This Michigan school struggled with high numbers of student absences in their alternative learning program.

The Plan: Through BLL training, a team of educators from this school created a plan for how they could use blended learning practices to offer their students opportunities to learn, even if they could not attend class that day. They also revamped their entire bell schedule to give students more time for each class period and built-in opportunities for mentor support.

Example #2 — Low Science Scores

The Problem: This Michigan school struggled with low scores in science courses.

The Plan: Through BLL training, this team created a plan for how they could use individual instruction in small groups to increase mastery of science standards. This plan provided students the opportunity to move forward as soon as they were ready for more engagement.

Example #3 — Low Student Engagement

The Problem: This Michigan school struggled with low student engagement across their small K-12 building. Students were not completing their assignments in class or outside of class.

The Plan: Through BLL training, this team created a plan for how they could conduct student interviews to better understand why their students were struggling to complete assignments. They also planned to revamp their PD plan to support teachers in applying blended learning practices to their classrooms.
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Sample Itinerary

Here are some of the key topics we’ll cover during this two-day training event:

Day One

  • Sign In & Wi-Fi Setup
  • Welcome, Introductions, & Routines
  • Introducing Online & Blended Learning
  • Sharpening Your Strategy
  • Problems & Goals
  • Organizing the Team
  • Choose the Model
  • A Day in the Life Project

Day Two

  • Fast Pitches & Feedback
  • Physical & Virtual Environments
  • Secrets of a Successful Culture
  • Discovery-Driven Planning
  • Closing Reflections
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What's in it for me?

  • First-hand experience with online learning, Flipped Classroom, Station Rotation, Individual Rotation, Flex, Socratic discussion, project-based learning, plus four other models
  • The opportunity to experience for yourself how student-centered learning feels in blended and online contexts
  • An introduction to online and blended learning theory and research-based best practices
  • 11 SCECHs!
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What should I expect?

You can expect to have dedicated time set aside to:

  • Explore the problems and goals your school face, as well as how blended learning could help mitigate these problems
  • Organize your team to create effective change
  • Consider which blended learning models will work best for your students
  • Explore what a day in the life of your students will be under this model
  • Develop your own strategic plan for online or blended learning

Pricing Information

$250 for a five-person Michigan team and $50 per person after that. Out-of-state pricing is also available — please contact us for more details!

Register Now!

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Limited Course Capacity

We’re sorry to inform you that we have reached capacity for several of our Semester 1 and Trimester 1 courses. You’ll notice when attempting to enroll students in our Student Learning Portal that some courses are unavailable. While we are no longer accepting new enrollments for these courses at this time, many courses continue to remain open for enrollment.

With many students across the state 100% remote, demand for our online courses is greater than ever before. Because every course we offer is taught by a Michigan-certified teacher, this high volume of enrollments has created capacity issues for our teachers who provide each and every student with individual feedback.

While the Michigan Virtual team anticipated and planned for significant increases in student enrollments this Fall, the increased demand we’ve experienced has been unprecedented. As a result, we are taking steps to hire even more part-and full-time teachers to support larger numbers of student enrollments for Semester 2 as well as for Trimester 2 and 3. 

For schools that still need online learning options this year, please fill out the form at the bottom of our virtual pathways page to meet with someone to discuss other solutions. While some of our teacher-led courses are full, we may still have the capacity to help you in upcoming terms or can discuss timing to implement a whole-school or collaborative program in which local teachers from your school/district use our online course content to teach students. We also have free course content and resources available for you to use.

We know this is an incredibly stressful time for all, and we’re sorry if the courses you’re looking for are unavailable. We never want to turn away a student who wants to learn from us. Our top concern, however, is student success, and we have a policy to not take on additional enrollments if we cannot guarantee that all students will have a quality online learning experience. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate the unusually high volume of enrollments we are receiving.