Category: Social Emotional Learning

Teacher meeting
Social Emotional Learning
Ed Timke

Teacher recruitment and retention: A snapshot of an ongoing crisis

There is a teacher recruitment and retention crisis in Michigan and across the country. Why is there a crisis? What can be done? This first post in a blog series on teacher recruitment and retention provides a snapshot of the crisis and some initial recommendations on how to fight it.

Adult and kid hands holding colorful heart on blue background. World autism awareness day concept.
Social Emotional Learning
Lauren Kazee

Supporting your child’s social and emotional needs during school closures

Right now, parents and children across the globe are under a lot of stress. On top of this, parents are being asked to do even more to support the academic needs of their children than ever before. While it’s easy to focus on the logistical concerns of living through a global pandemic, we also need to tend to the emotional impact such events can have both on ourselves and our children.

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