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Episode 16: Saro Mohammed

Our guest for this episode is Saro Mohammed, a partner at the Learning Accelerator. The Learning Accelerator, or TLA, works directly with school districts and

Episode 15: Joel Rose

This episode’s guest is Joel Rose, the Co-Founder and CEO of New Classrooms Innovation Partners. Joel and his team at New Classrooms are striving to

Episode 14: Julia Freeland Fisher

Our guest for this episode is Julia Freeland Fisher, Director of Education at the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation. Julia and I discuss some

Episode 13: Beatriz Arnillas

Our guest for this episode is Beatriz Arnillas, the Director of IT and Education Technology at the Houston Independent School District in Houston, Texas. Beatriz

Episode 12: Paul Curtis

Our guest for this episode is Paul Curtis, the Director of Curriculum for the New Tech Network. Paul touches on some of the history of

Episode 11: Sarah Luchs

Our guest for this episode is Sarah Luchs of NGLC, Next Generation Learning Challenges. NGLC is a challenge grant strategy initiative of Educause, dedicated to

Episode 10: Kate Loughrey

In this episode, we talk with Kate Loughrey, who is the statewide Texas Virtual School Network Coordinator. Kate gives us a very detailed picture of

Episode 9: Tom Driscoll

In this episode, we’re talking with Tom Driscoll a high school social studies teacher and instructional technology consultant based in Connecticut. Tom is on a

Episode 8: Christine Fox

In this episode, we talk with Christine Fox, the Director of Educational Leadership and Research for SETDA. Christine and her team face a lot of

Episode 7: Jeff Renard

In this episode, we chat with Jeff Renard, Director of Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative. We gained quite a bit of insight as to how virtual

Episode 6: Cathy Cavanaugh

In this episode, we chat with Cathy Cavanaugh, Director of Teaching and Learning at Microsoft Worldwide Education. Dr. Cavanaugh provides us with a glimpse of

Episode 5: Michelle Licata

Our guest is Michelle Licata, Global Curriculum Coordinator for FLVS Global. Michelle’s work is focused on engaging educators and administrators in training and conversations about

Episode 4: Aubrey Francisco

In this episode, we chat with Aubrey Francisco, Director of Research at Digital Promise. Digital Promise is involved in a number of different projects aimed

Episode 3: Christina Jean

Christina Jean, Innovation and Blended Learning Specialist with the Colorado Department of Education’s Office of Blended and Online Learning, is our guest in Episode 3.

Episode 2: Shawn Rubin

We sit down with Shawn Rubin, the Director of Blended Learning at the Highlander Institute, a Rhode Island-based nonprofit organization providing professional development and other

Episode 1: Dr. Tracy Weeks

Dr. Tracy Weeks, Chief Academic and Digital Learning Officer with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, shares stories about her past experiences in the

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