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Welcome to the Michigan Virtual Learning and Research Institute

At the Institute, we are dedicated to supporting the success of students and educators through online and blended learning platforms. Our comprehensive services are divided into three main pillars: Research, Innovation, and Consulting. Explore the wealth of resources and opportunities we provide to enhance the educational experience in your community.

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Guided by directives from the Michigan legislature, MVLRI annually defines the focus areas for blended and online learning research. Our scope extends beyond state borders, encompassing national and international research to incorporate a global perspective.

Unbiased and comprehensive, our research disregards providers, ensuring that essential findings are spotlighted and applied within our local educational landscape.

MVLRI's dedication to evidence-based approaches ensures that educators have the support and knowledge needed to create optimal online learning environments for student success.

Recent Publications

Out of Order, Out of Reach: Navigating Assignment Sequences for STEM Success

Pacing, or the timing of students’ assignment submissions, has been shown to have an important relationship to course performance. Less is known about how the submission order or sequencing of assignment submissions relates to course performance. This study found that the order in which students submitted assignments in their online STEM courses is related to their final grades, with students who submitted all assignments in line with pacing guide recommendations outperforming peers who did not. Indeed, students’ final grades decreased as deviations from the pacing guide increased.

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Evaluating Professional Learning Course Offerings and Educator Engagement

Professional learning (PL) for educators is essential for promoting connections, pedagogical growth, and fulfilling recertification requirements. Investigating educators’ engagement with PL courses is crucial for ensuring its effectiveness. This study showed that most educators were satisfied with their PL courses and found audio/visual course elements particularly engaging and helpful for learning.

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Instructional design support

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Discover a wealth of resources to elevate your virtual teaching skills at our Instructional Design Resources hub. From current standards and free professional development courses to support from Michigan Virtual, empower your teaching journey with expert guidance and invaluable tools.


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AI laboratory

Explore the future of education with our AI Laboratory. As pioneers in tracking AI progression, we provide resources to support your exploration of how AI can transform the educational experience for both educators and students.

Pitch contest and innovation bootcamp

Are you passionate about improving teaching or learning through technology? Join our annual EdTech Innovation Bootcamp. We’ll help you explore ideas, develop a business model, and take steps to make your vision a reality. No cost to attend, and Michigan educators can earn 20 SCECH credits.

Innovation club

Join us in exploring groundbreaking ideas, connecting with innovators, and staying ahead in the world of education. Virtual meeting dates and speaker details coming soon. Sign up for our EdTech Catalyst newsletter to stay current on the latest!


Explore our curated collection of asynchronous micro-courses that offer students unique opportunities to expand their skills. These engaging experiences go beyond the traditional curriculum, fostering holistic development and a passion for lifelong learning.


Get hands-on support and guidance from a national bench of transformational leaders.

If you’re a school leader with a vision but limited capacity, our team of expert practitioners with decades of lived experience in K-12 innovation is ready to work with you to make your vision for student learning a reality. Each consulting relationship is 100% customized to your needs.