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Michigan Virtual’s Learning and Research Institute has been tracking the progression of AI for years and now we’re supporting schools in this inevitable technology.

Like the internet in the 1990’s, or the iPhone in the early 2000’s, artificial intelligence is likely the most disruptive technology we’ve seen in modern times. AI presents a historic potential to transform the educational experience for educators and students. However, the successful implementation of AI will require careful planning and thoughtful consideration of various aspects.  The Michigan Virtual AI Lab will provide resources to support you in your exploration of how AI will touch your educational community.

AI is here. We are here to help you become ready.

Planning Guide for AI: A Framework for School Districts

Explore our AI Integration Framework, meticulously crafted by Michigan Virtual, designed to assist education leaders in thinking holistically about AI integration. This framework spans crucial considerations across eight key areas, ensuring that you can maximize the potential benefits of AI while minimizing risks.

Go deeper with our Planning Guide for AI, an extension of the framework. This comprehensive guide provides educators with the tools and insights needed to understand their trajectory and progress in AI integration.

AI Workshops & Events

Stay ahead with information on upcoming workshops and events. Explore opportunities to navigate the future of AI in education, discovering effective strategies to integrate AI into educational practices with a focus on ethics and inclusivity.

AI Professional Learning Courses

Take your knowledge to the next level with our professional learning courses for AI. From rethinking classroom practices with ChatGPT to an introduction for educators, these courses empower you to harness the power of AI in the classroom.

Examples & Resources

Unsure how AI works or looks? Our sample videos show how important human interaction is when using AI for problem-solving or planning. It’s a way to get thought started, to get past the blank sheet of paper…but ultimately relies on the thoughtfulness of people. 

Our ever-growing AI Resource Bank includes videos on ChatGPT, AI strategic planning, and the exploration of AI applications in student learning.

In the AI Spotlight: Latest Insights

Large group of attendees watching a presentation at the AI Summit 2023.

Highlights from the 2023 AI Summit

The 2023 AI Summit at Michigan State University explored the impact of AI on education, featuring presentations urging innovative thinking, emphasizing learner-centered design, and discussing personalization with AI. Attendees expressed optimism for positive change in education practices, recognizing the urgency to adapt to rapid technological advancements.

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