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The beauty of online learning is that you can take it with you. Whether you’re a homeschool learner or enrolled in classes elsewhere, Michigan Virtual’s expansive list of online courses is available to you.

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Michigan Virtual works directly with homeschoolers to provide the additional courses needed to take learning to the next level. Explore our course catalog to find the classes that fit best. By working with individuals to prepare a comprehensive course path, homeschooled students are granted access to the unparalleled opportunities thought only to be available inside of a traditional classroom.

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Michigan Virtual’s helpful guides provide parents, students, and mentors with the information they need to get started in online learning confidently. Parents and mentors are key to student success and in the case of homeschooled students parents act as both. Be sure to review these helpful guides to get started.

  • Parent Guide to Online Learning 
    This guide was prepared for parents, guardians, counselors and others who want to help students decide whether online courses are a good option for them.
  • Student Guide to Online Learning
    This guide is for middle and high school students who are interested in taking courses online. Most of the content comes from teachers, mentors, and students who have personal experience with online teaching and learning.
  • Mentor Fundamentals: A Guide for Mentoring Online Learners
    This resource is intended to provide an understanding of the fundamental elements of mentoring or coaching students for success with online courses and has been prepared with the assistance and insight of experienced mentors, instructors, administrators and customer service representatives from Michigan Virtual.
  • Online Learning Orientation Tool (OLOT)
    This is a self-paced learning tool designed to help students understand what online learning entails, and introduces the skills and knowledge that are key to success. The content is divided into four modules and covers a broad array of topics, including the nature of online coursework, the technical skills needed for online course participation, the influence of learning skills and interest and motivation online course performance, and basic organization and workflow tips for students.

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