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Unlock a summer of limitless learning with Michigan Virtual's diverse online courses. With flexible scheduling, personalized support, and a vast array of subjects including core academics, world languages, and intriguing electives, students can stay engaged, get ahead, or explore new interests.

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Empowering students through Summer learning

Over 150 online high school courses

Grades 9-12
10 weeks | Flexible pacing | Taught by highly qualified, Michigan-certified teachers

Credit recovery options

Grades 9-12
Catch up on graduation requirements this summer with highly supportive online courses designed to foster student success.

Coding & STEM summer programs

Ages 8-14
Michigan Virtual has partnered with WizKid Learning to offer the hottest curriculum in exciting game design subjects like Roblox, Minecraft, coding, and more! Classes start at $150. View schedule →


Registration is now open! Michigan Virtual has partnered up with MetArena to offer non-credit bearing esports curriculum that will go live mid-summer.

21st Century Home Economics

Students will learn about managing money, healthy meals, importance of keepings things clean, safety in the home and being better consumers.

Content Creator

In this course, you'll learn everything from brainstorming ideas to filming and posting your videos, creating your own channel and building your own personal brand.

EdReady Math

Grades 4-12
Target gaps in math knowledge with personalized playlists & empower students to catch up to or surpass grade-level expectations.

EdReady English

Grades 8-12
Get students on track for college-level English through mastery of key skills & concepts.
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As educators and administrators, you play a pivotal role in guiding students towards productive and enriching summer experiences. Michigan Virtual’s online summer courses offer a comprehensive solution to common summer learning challenges, providing a pathway for students to explore interests, recover credits, and get ahead.

Why is summer learning so important?

Summer courses and programs allow students to have structured learning time to help them keep their minds active, bridge knowledge gaps, and prepare for the next school year.

If you’re looking for ways to keep your children learning this summer with safe and structured educational opportunities, consider enrolling them in our online summer school programs.

Key dates & pricing

Our calendaring structure for summer offers many different options for start and end dates for student courses. Schools and parents can select whichever start or end date option fits best for their academic calendar or their specific situation.

*All times listed reflect the Eastern Time Zone.

Summer Pricing
Online Summer Courses$350 per course  ($480 for out-of-state)
Credit Recovery Courses$250 per course  ($310 for out-of-state)
EdReady Math & EnglishFREE to parents

Over 150 summer courses!

By taking summer courses, students can earn high school credit, take prerequisites, make room in next year’s schedule, and recover credits for courses that they previously failed.

In our summer online classes, students have 10 weeks to complete coursework at their own pace and will be supported along the way by a highly qualified, Michigan-certified online instructor who is an expert in their subject area.

These courses have flexible start date options, which means families can select which option best works for their summer schedule. The majority of our summer courses are designed for high school students (grades 9-12), but we offer do offer a smaller catalog of select middle school courses (grades 6-8).

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IMPORTANT: Check with your school counselor before enrolling!

Students should talk to their school counselor before enrolling to ensure our 10-week summer courses will be accepted for credit at their school.

How to enroll in 10-week courses

To enroll in one of our 10-week online summer courses, including credit recovery courses, you will need to log into or create an account in our Student Learning Portal.

For more information on how to enroll, check out our Guardian Quick Start Guide & Student Quick Start Guide.

Tips for success

Created by researchers at the Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute, our family of free guides will introduce you to the world of online learning.

Inside each guide, you’ll find key definitions, research findings and practical strategies that paint a picture of what kind of preparations and support systems are necessary to ensure students succeed in their online courses.

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