Leyla, a student at Ann Arbor STEAM, talks about how Michigan Virtual helped her get high school credit as a middle schooler.

Kalie, Howell High School

Michigan Virtual has given me a greater understanding of myself, for the future. I am looking to pursue a career that involves assisting with animals that have health-related issues. I am currently enrolled in Michigan Virtual’s Veterinary Science course. A Veterinarian is what my final goal is, but any other type of job working with animals I will always be open to. I was unsure of what I wanted to become throughout high school until Michigan Virtual entered into my life.”

Logan, Black River Public School

“I have always been interested in learning to code. No resources existed already at my high school to do so, therefore I took it upon myself to find one. I tried starting a club and using free online tutorials, but I then learned about Michigan Virtual Classes. Michigan Virtual allowed me to thoroughly dive into a specific language of coding and develop a solid basis.”

Payton, St. Catherine of Siena Academy

“Taking a class through Michigan Virtual has taught me many things about myself and how I work. I now know how independent I can be and also that I have good time management. This class has taught me how to grow in those two areas immensely.”


Did you know?

We offer over 200 online courses and electives for high school and middle school students in Michigan – including 24 AP courses, seven world languages, new Essentials courses for credit recovery and over 40 core courses and electives for middle schoolers.


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Charles, a student at Comstock Park High School, talks about how Michigan Virtual helped him take a physics course not offered at his school that was needed for the college he will attend.

Ben, Brighton High School

I personally missed a lot of Fridays to go on my travel lacrosse tournaments all across the country, and the easy access to Michigan Virtual from any computer or laptop made it simple to do my class on the go.”

Hannah, Portland High School

Since Middle School, I have been wanting to learn ASL. I was told by my school counselors that I could only take the class through a Community College. I did my research and found Michigan Virtual. . . Now, there are I believe 6 kids from school including myself that take ASL on Michigan Virtual!”

Morgan, Grand Ledge High School

Having the opportunity to take AP Computer Science has given me an insight into college life, college workload, and even a chance to get ahead on my knowledge and credits.”

Sarah, a student at Brighton High School, talks about how Michigan Virtual courses helped her graduate on time while still having time for friends and family.

What makes our courses different?

We’re glad you asked. Research shows that online students need a highly-supportive learning environment in order to succeed, so we provide it. We put a Michigan-certified instructor in every virtual course we offer and ensure every student has a mentor available to them in their brick-and-mortar school.  It’s that simple, yet many online learning providers do not offer these critical supports to students.

Our Course Difference

Sefina, Tappan Middle School

Before I started my Michigan Virtual class, things were not so great for me in my English classroom. Because of some reading issues, I had a hard time reading, and would avoid reading at all costs. . . One day my family and I decided to look into Michigan Virtual English. From then on, I really improved with my reading. Two months into my course and I felt more confident in my reading and would not put down any book I picked up. I am so grateful to have joined Michigan Virtual.”

Karthick Prem, Chippewa Middle School

“At first, I did not want to take any online class because I was worried that I might not be able to get the same help or quality of work than a regular school’s classroom, with a teacher in person and students. I felt like I wanted to give up on this online course but soon, later on, I felt that this is really helpful and it is the same as being in a class. . . This feels like I am in a classroom because you can interact with other students in this course, and you can send a message to your instructor, and they are happy to help you.”

Sydney, Swartz Creek High School

“The very first time I logged on to my class through Blackboard, I found it to be really accessible and I found that the setup of the class was well organized for me. I liked how my chapters and units were set up and it was easy for me to see what I needed to do to complete the course. My instructor for my class on Michigan Virtual has been so great with keeping in touch with me and helping me along the way through the units.”

Monica, Alcona Community Schools

“The thing I like about Michigan Virtual is that it offers a multiple choice of courses. Also, the freedom and how you can choose your own pacing is really cool. I really like how the teachers encourage, are positive, and are helpful and kind when I needed help or had questions. Overall, I think Michigan Virtual is great and would recommend it to anybody.”

Maris, Gobles Middle/ High School

When it comes to online learning, there is no better place to learn than on Michigan Virtual. I have had experience with Edgenuity as well as Michigan Virtual, and Edgenuity it is not as user-friendly as Michigan Virtual. While learning on Michigan Virtual you are able to easily contact your online teacher and can even get announcements from your teacher which are about where you should be in your course or even encouraging us to share a project we are proud of.”

Brooklyn, Stockbridge Jr./Sr. High School

“My online experience with Michigan Virtual has been the most wonderful class I have ever taken. I have learned so much from my class, and helped expand my ideas and thoughts. Michigan Virtual takes a student’s ideas and dreams, and transforms them into a reality. I am able to move at my own pace, and am already done 2 months into it, which helped me in my other classes, too.”

Hayley, Bear Lake High School

Michigan Virtual is a fantastic website for students who may or may not know what they want to do after high school and with all the class options that they have, it gives students an opportunity to explore and see what they are interested in.”

Olivia, Glen Lake Schools

“I have only been a part of Michigan Virtual since around the end of January of this year, but what I’ve been participating in has amazed me. First off, navigating the website is super easy, at least when you get used to it. When I first started, I had no idea what to do or where to go. Luckily, there is the ‘Getting Help’ section. I found out what I had to do in less than ten minutes. And if I had some trouble, more specifically on my course, I could just message my instructor, and she would get me on the right track and answer any questions I had.”

Taryn, East Lansing High School

“To me, Michigan Virtual meant giving me a chance to try something new in my life. Michigan Virtual also give me a chance to give me a head start in my career.”