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Red Station

At this station, you will have the opportunity to learn about the differences between “tech-rich” and blended learning environments. You will also have time to share your own experiences with tech-rich and/or blended classroom with others.

Blue Station

At this station, you will have the opportunity to explore a variety of instructional strategies you can utilize to increase student engagement and meet the diverse learning needs in your classroom.

Green Station

At this station, you will create a poster to share either a) What blended learning looks like in your classroom? OR b) What you’d like blended learning to look like in your classroom?

Individual Rotation: Classroom Tool Smackdown!

  • To access the slide deck for Demonstrating Learning, click here.
  • To access the slide deck for Learning Environments, click here.
  • To access the slide deck for Student Collaboration, click here.
  • To access the slide deck for Lead Your Own Learning, click here.

Keynote Speaker: Michael Bonner


Let us be honest. The turnover rate within education is a serious dilemma that we have yet to find the antidote for. A study conducted at UCLA showed only 4% of college freshmen were interested in following the path to becoming an educator. The profession of teaching is not an easy one and now the entire world is exposed to this truth. In schools all across the world, creating new and innovative strategies within the classroom is an exciting task but can seem daunting to the teacher who is worn down by the profession. Due to many reasons (negative student behavior, poor scores, etc), the school climate can become toxic and suffocate the life out of teachers which ultimately affects student performance.

In order to shift the school culture, it begins with individual teachers making the decision to change their classroom into an engaging learning environment. Michael Bonner will share how he utilized the power of self-reflection to evaluate his qualities as a teacher, navigating the tumultuous waves of working within a Title 1 school (100% FRL free and reduced lunch), to understanding the value of applying creativity!

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