Changing Minds to Address Poverty in the Classroom

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Educators are faced with new challenges as the number of students living in poverty increases across the country. These challenges raise several questions and concerns for schools: How do you support the academic achievement of students who have not eaten? Who do not know where they are going to sleep? Who have responsibilities that far exceed their age? 
Based on the work of Eric Jensen, this course provides background on the effects of poverty on learning in the classroom. The course moves beyond theory and provides practical classroom strategies tied to seven essential mindsets for the successful education of all students, especially those who are at-risk. Explore your own mindset, as well as how you convey that mindset to students through thoughtful and reflective activities and questioning. While identifying strategies to foster mindsets in your students, you will build an action plan to begin using these skills in your classroom immediately. Join this course to electrify the learning and empower students living in poverty with what they need to succeed in your classroom and in life.

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