For Grades 7-12

GramMars Wars: English Language Arts App

Help your students strengthen their English grammar knowledge.

Summer’s almost here, and there’s one thing on most students’ to-do list: Gaming.

The space-themed mobile app GramMars Wars helps students strengthen their English grammar knowledge. Players complete quizzes to defeat aliens. The more you learn, the more you achieve. 

Created by two brothers in Michigan, GramMars Wars facilitates learning through questions and lesson cards.

Learning concepts

Nouns, modifiers, verbs, pronouns, and tenses are some of the 100+ learning concepts covered. GramMars Wars includes many topics from Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts.

What users are saying

“Engaging and entertaining, and educating the whole time. Hard to get my kids to put it down.”

Brendon T.


“Great for ESL learning! Helps engrain grammar concepts in a fun and fast way!”

Gastón D.


“Highly recommend to those learning English, those who want to improve their English, or those just looking for a fun game!”

Rachelle T.