Social Media

This course won’t teach you how to use a hashtag, do a viral dance, or get more followers. However, it will show you that social media revolves around you – and the power in your hands to influence it. You will explore the history of social media and how it has transformed our society. You will learn all about your digital footprint and how it is just as important as your physical footprint. You will learn how to interpret the perspective, accuracy, and credibility of information, so you can confidently share it with your followers. You will learn the skills to have effective and purposeful communication on your social media accounts by leveraging the power of social media. You will compare and contrast the positives, negatives, and hidden dangers of social media. You will examine how social media connects the world and how you fit into it. The future of social media is unknown, so it’s up to you to predict how social media will evolve and create a digital plan for your future.

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