Mobile App Design with MIT App Inventor

Mobile App Design with MIT App Inventor is a project-based course designed for students with any level of prior experience in computer programming, from experienced programmers to those with just foundational skills. While it is recommended that students have completed an introductory or a foundations level programming course in order to understand basic design principles, App Inventor is a visual programming environment that allows users to create fully functional apps for Android or iOS phones and tablets by manipulating graphic elements in the software, rather than making extensive use of written computer programming languages. In this course, students will learn to strategize, design, and develop mobile and desktop applications. Students will learn about the life cycles of project and software development and use models to develop apps. Attention will be placed on how user interfaces affect the usability and effectiveness of an application. Programming constructs will be employed which will allow students’ applications to interact with “real world” stimuli. The course also exposes students to privacy, legality, and security considerations with regards to the software industry.

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