Intro to Computer Science for Middle School Educators

Computer science increasingly permeates our student’s futures in their options for higher education and career choices. This foundational course demonstrates why equitable access to computer science opportunities is imperative for Michigan students, and how Michigan’s K-12 Computer Science Standards can be leveraged for effective instruction at the middle school level. You will be given examples and tools for successfully integrating computer science education into existing content areas through activities geared toward middle schoolers and be given the opportunity to create your own lessons.

In this course, you will:

  • Explain why computer science education is urgent in Michigan,
  • Create a document that can be used to advocate for equitable computer science education,
  • Summarize the implications of the Michigan K-12 Computer Science Standards as they pertain to middle schoolers,
  • Develop a lesson plan that introduces computer science to middle schoolers, and
  • Utilize resources that help integrate computer science into your classroom.

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Middle School
Upper Elementary