Fostering Student Agency Through Positive Relationships

Teaching today’s students is complex, and teaching those same students in a remote setting is more challenging than ever. This course will help you reflect on how you have built relationships in the past year of teaching and how to improve upon them to promote well-being and engagement both face-to-face and online. You will be able to choose from a library of resources to match your learning goals and also have the opportunity to collaborate with other educators to share instructional techniques and ideas to help you take care of yourself.

In this course, you will:

  • Understand how classroom cultures promote collaboration, a sense of belonging, and safety.
  • Develop a toolkit of strategies to engage students by fostering student-teacher relationships, establishing credibility, and increasing trust, and
  • Explore and reflect relationship processes and protocols to maximize learning opportunities in your classroom.

Who should take this course?


What grade level(s) does this course apply to?

Early Childhood