Welcome to Digital Backpack! In our first Digital Backpack cast, we chat with Traci Smith, a high school English teacher at De La Salle. She shares some gems about connecting with students, creating an atmosphere of trust and how she uses technology to help with all of it!

In this first episode, we chatted about…

  • Updates to Google Classroom — more specifically the comment bank feature! It’s a great way to save commonly used feedback and save you time while still providing feedback to your students.
  • Creating an advisory program to build community within a school and across grade levels.
  • Frequently asking for feedback from students and colleagues, processing the data and then discussing results with key stakeholders. Traci had some great insight into how this builds support in her classroom and school.
  • In our “morning announcement” we share how a high school PE teacher is working to integrate technology into his PE class!
  • If you like listening to this podcast and want to apply and explore the concepts a little more deeply, consider joining us in Podcast PD (Screencasting, the Future of Education or Google Forms, Failure-Free Failing & CBE

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