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LANSING – Online learning is challenging educators to rethink how curriculum is delivered which has led some educators to ask if online learning is as good as face-to-face instruction. MSU associate professor Punya Mishra recently told a group of… Read more

LANSING – A recently released analysis of online learning “found that, on average, students in online learning conditions performed better than those receiving face-to-face instruction.” The United States Department of Education (USDOE) analysis, “Evaluation of Evidence-based Practices in Online… Read more

LANSING — Michigan Virtual announces the recent addition of Linda Frederickson as their Marketing, Sales & Communications Manager. Frederickson will direct Michigan Virtual’s marketing, sales and communication strategies across all divisions of the organization to ensure that marketing, outreach,… Read more

LANSING — Several scholarships for the Michigan Virtual math online summer camps are still available for seventh and eighth grade students. The summer camps are a collaborative partnership between Michigan Virtual and the Michigan Mathematics and Science Center Network…. Read more

This document provides an overview of Michigan Virtual’s accomplishments, core assets and challenges, and examines trends in online learning. It also establishes a framework that reaffirms the organization’s vision, priority goals and core strategies for the future. The strategic… Read more

A Report to the Legislature, 2008

By Author Profile Photo Michigan Virtual

This report is submitted in compliance with Section 98 (6) of Public Act 196 of 2014, which requires Michigan Virtual to provide, not later than December 1 of each fiscal year, a report to the House and Senate Appropriations… Read more

LANSING – Two years after Michigan gained national attention as the first state in the nation to require online learning as a requirement for high school graduation, the state now is being recognized as second in the nation for… Read more

This report addresses online learning in Michigan, with a particular focus on Michigan state-level policies and on the practices of Michigan Virtual. It is adapted from A National Primer on K-12 Online Learning, which was published in April 2007…. Read more

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